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Nourish’s Wellbeing Round-up

As we sit here in our home office thinking about what May will bring here on Mallorca, it’s not easy to guide you, our Nourish community, on the island’s wellbeing happenings this month. One thing we do know for certain is that this period of isolation has made us value the beauty and splendour of what is on our doorstep even more, as we eagerly anticipate getting back into nature, and spending time with friends and loved ones again. That is why this month the Nourish wellbeing roundup is focusing on supporting small local businesses once lockdown is over, while nurturing ourselves as well, to make the transition back to health and normality (for us and our island home) smooth.


Perhaps like us, you’ve used some of the lockdown period to do some self-reflection (in between Netflix binges!). Habits like journaling are great things to keep up with post lockdown, although it can be hard to discipline yourself with these self-care practices when everyday life takes over again. Alamar makes it a little bit easier to carve out space in the day for writing and introspection with their gorgeous notebooks. The cover designs reflect the Mediterranean lifestyle and culture, and you won’t need any convincing to pull them out to jot down your thoughts or do some gratitude journaling. Alamar produces sustainable and environmentally friendly products and donate part of their profits to social projects in the Mediterranean – even more reason to support this local business. www.alamareditions.com


Support our local farmers and contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions from unnecessary transport by doing your fruit and vege shop at your neighbourhood fruteria. Not only is this good for our local economy and the environment, but fresh, seasonal produce tastes much better than imported! Instead of using single-use plastic bags we always take our Viveco produce bags which are practical and look great too. Viveco stocks produce bags in voile or mesh, as well as gorgeous string shopping bags, and cute cotton totes. Your vege haul never looked so chic! www.viveco.co


We’ve been following our friends at Save the Med during lockdown and making use of their free educational resources and expert Live Lessons via their website. After witnessing the effects that staying at home and consuming less has had on our environment, we’re super keen to keep tackling the issue of plastic pollution and how it affects our ecosystems here in the Balearics. A digital Dos Manos School Programme package has been made publicly available online so that everyone interested in the subject, no matter how old you are or where you live, can learn about the problems of, and solutions to, plastic pollution and engage in meaningful activities to help save the Med from home! You can find it at www.savethemed.org/en/our-projects/dos-manos/


We can’t wait to ditch the daytime pyjamas and have an excuse to dress up again, which is why we’ve been browsing through the beautiful SUNVIBES collection online and planning our first outfits back out in public! Italian fashion designer Elisa Bozzolini designs and makes each piece at her studio here in Palma, and each garment is made of Italian fabric, printed with her original hand drawn designs. We can attest that these unique, sustainable, boho style pieces will be treasured and worn season after season. www.sunvibescollective.com

Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy May,

The Nourish Team x