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Nourish’s wellbeing round-up

It’s been a rocky start already to 2021 but we’re determined to stay positive and make the best out of whatever is thrown at us. One thing we can focus on and have control over is how we look after our mind and body. Our friends at The Body Camp are experts in wellness, and this month they’ve shared with us their Top Ten Tips to “Get Back on Track and Attack!” If you focus on the 10 points below each day, you will be reminded to stay on track and keep your immune system in peak condition to navigate whatever 2021 brings.

1. Don’t think good food / bad food…
Just simply focus on making MORE healthy food choices and LESS processed foods. Even “bad” food eaten less is a step in the right direction!

2. Have some fun by exercising daily for at least 10 minutes – Be Creative!
Improving your blood flow and airflow daily will lift your mood, metabolism and boost your immune system.

3. Don’t drink your calories
Drink MORE water and LESS sugary drinks and alcohol.

4. Eat more plants and greens
Eating foods from nature (LIVE foods) are incredibly powerful for your immune system. Processed foods (DEAD foods) are hard work for our bodies and slow everything down.

5. Earn your treats
If you are going to eat or drink sweet carbs (bread/pasta/coca-cola etc) then do some exercise BEFORE you consume them.

6. Reduce your portion sizes
Eat slowly, enjoy your food and make your plates smaller!

7. Get to bed early
Make sure you get lots of sleep and rest every night – many people struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle do not get enough sleep!

8. Stay away from screens – especially the news!
Limit your screen time to 1 hour max!
Keeping away from wifi is excellent for health – Try it
Reading a good book, drawing, painting, talking to your dog/cat/fish/plants or even family – are all great alternatives.

9. Inspire yourself with healthy options
Buy the Body Camp Bible, educate yourself on healthy food options and get the variety of food groups your body deserves!

10. Be mindful of negative thoughts and stressful thinking!
Meditate daily – aim for 15-20 mins. Witness your thoughts as they arise and realise only YOU can choose which ones to focus on – THEY DO NOT CONTROL YOU!

The Body Camp is offering you a real February treat of “3 for 2” in their beautiful Mallorca villa for stays up until May 2021!  Their new 21 Days of Change package is available with a huge 33% discount on our standard rate available for all 3-week bookings between 19th March and 28th May 2021. 

With the same fabulous 100% plant-based food orchestrated by Head Chef Ben Whale and the globally recognised Body Camp lifestyle transformation programme put together by Head Coach Rick Parcell – Body Camp is ready to give you a rock-solid immune system, new mindful awareness coaching, a world-class fitness training program, great groups every week, stunning location, zero judgement policy, relaxation and sound sleep, complete privacy and early nights allowing you to return back to your happy place – the true you! This is an amazing opportunity to spend valuable time on yourself physically and mentally – getting you back on track and ready to attack 2021. Book your spot online at thebodycamp.com, by email on info@thebodycamp.com, or phone on + 44 (0) 1548 550803.