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New talent aboard!

The latest news from The Boat House


The Boat House are very happy to announce that they have a new chef – The very talented Michail Tsigaras. Having recently led the team at Fosh Kitchen Michail joined the crew in June and has been busy getting the kitchen ship shape and creating new dishes that lets seasonal produce shine.

Miki is a brilliant chef with great experience and his goal is to add his own twist to familiar dishes offering our diners an experience rooted in tradition but exceed their expectations with new flavours and combinations.

They will still feature some of our old favourites like the seafood platter and Boathouse Burger but the new menu will also reflect the growing demand for locally sourced foods with a focus on fresh fish and Al Fresco BBQ, offering a selection of ‘just of the grill’ specialties every night from 7pm. And if you love ice cream, you have to try one of their custom blended ice creams by local artisan company Iceberg.

We look forward to eating our way through the new menu so good job it includes a great range of salads!

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 17.10.28


Chef Michail Tsigaras

Im very excited to be at The Boathouse. It’s a great location and love the concept of casual dockside dining, showcasing local seasonal food with a simple approach and excellent quality. I want to surprise people and give them a new twist on casual food.”




Born to Italian and Greek parents, Michail has loved cooking from an early age but originally he wanted to be a doctor and was all set on spending his days in a hospital. Luckily for us though, after his second year at University studying medicine, he realized he was happier in the kitchen and swapped his white coat for an apron and became the renowned chef he is today!

His passion for food started when he used to help out at his friends family restaurant. “Growing up I went there as often as I could, after school, weekends, holidays….and then one day I was spending more time there than I was in class so dropped out of Uni and started full time.”

In 2001, his natural talent was validated when he was selected from hundreds of applicants to work at El Bulli, the 3 star Michelin restaurant in Catalonia, run by Ferran Adrià, considered at the time to be one of the world’s most innovative and exciting chefs.

Which is how he ended up in Mallorca…he came here to learn Spanish before starting with El Bulli but as it does with so many of us, the island won him over and he decided to stay. He worked at many top places before opening his own place ‘Living’ in Santa Catalina. It quickly became very popular but sadly it didn’t last and they had to close.

After that, he returned to his Greek roots but Italian is what he knows best and whilst he is a highly creative chef, he is also very knowledgeable and has great respect for tradition and authentic, quality ingredients. His work ethic is of an extremely high standard so it wasn’t long before he joined Marc Fosh and his team where he worked for a couple of years before joining our merry crew! And we are certainly happy to have him in our galley……and once you’ve tasted his food, you will be too!

When hes not cooking, Miki spends his downtime with his wife Patricia and 21 month old twins, Isabella and Cristian.

New Look for the Chill Out Lounge

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 17.10.59

The chill out lounge had a mini makeover along with the bar being slightly extended before the big refurb at the end of the season (just in time for all your Christmas parties!) This spot is casual and comfortable it really captures the laid back Boathouse vibe and is great for small gatherings or to just relax and enjoy cocktails, chilled out tunes and starting this month, the delicious new bar snack menu including antipasto share plates, ceviche, their own version of the traditional coca and our ever popular chipirones – served 4 to 7pm daily.


The Boat House – Paseo de Maritimo, Palma