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Neptune Celebrate 25 Years Of Sleep & Seating Comfort On-Board

Neptune are celebrating 25 years of Sleep & Seating comfort on-board and are now pleased to announce they have an exclusive supplier for the Balearic Islands and mainland Spain, based in Palma de Mallorca.


Neptune, the undisputed market leader of nautical sleep and seating comfort, celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Dutch company was a pioneer in the nineties when it comes to producing custom made and extremely comfortable mattresses for small and large boats.

Neptune has always had one simple goal in mind: making sure its customers enjoy their time on board to the fullest.

 Neptune celebrated its 25th birthday on January 27th with a successful open door day, which was attended by hundreds of interested visitors. They were invited to take part in an exclusive guided tour of the company. There were also demonstrations on how to easily clean specific fabrics and workshops on understanding the difference of quality in types of leather. A second workshop focused on the usage of Vita-Talalay latex in Neptune mattresses.


According to founder and owner Marcel Botman this material is extremely comfortable to sleep on. On top of that it’s one of the only products out on the market today that offers optimal ventilation. Botman: “If you don’t use the right materials it’s very common for moulds to appear in mattresses on board. You should use materials that are able to ‘breath’ properly. That’s why we choose to use Vita-Talalay in our mattresses. This material ensures moisture regulation and reduces the chance of house dust mites, bacteria and moulds by 70% compared to conventional foam.”

Since the start of the company Neptune has been producing the best quality boat mattresses and boat cushions. It uses the finest fabrics and guarantees a top design of the final product. Marcel Botman emphasizes how important sleep and seating comfort is on board. “A good night’s rest is crucial for everyone. Not just when you are at home and you have to work the next day, but especially when you’re sailing. You’re on a holiday and you want to relax. You won’t be able to do that when you haven’t slept properly. People often don’t realise they spend 80% of their time on board sitting down or sleeping. There’s people who sleep in € 30.000 beds at home, but on their boat they choose a wafer-thin, low quality mattress. The average person going on a hike sleeps better on an inflatable mattress in his tent. Some people think discomfort is just part of sleeping on a boat. That’s a misconception.

With our mattresses you get a good night’s rest and you’ll look forward to going on a trip with your boat even more.”

For the past 25 years Neptune has been a specialist for customized boat mattresses, cushions and complete boat marine upholstery, as well as slat systems and bed linens. The company has more than 40 types of comfort foam and various qualities of pocket springs in stock and owns CNC foam cutting machines that are able to cut these materials in every desired shape. Because it produces everything in-house the delivery period is very short. During Summer Neptune even operates a 24-hour service in the harbour of Medemblik in The Netherlands. Customers can choose the desired quality in the showroom and if everything goes as planned they can sleep on their new mattress the next day.


According to Botman more and more of his clients are aware that it’s unwise to cut down on costs when it comes to sleep and sitting comfort on board. “We have noticed that a growing number of clients choose quality and comfort. When you are building a boat, you’re building your dream. You want everything to be just right. We love helping our clients to reach that goal.”

For Balearic Islands & Spain contact:

Melanie Winters

+34 646 89 73 78 – melanie@neptune.nl