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” There is a new innovation in the water sport world. Powered surfboards are the newest toy to hit the water. There are two different rides to choose from!


The Wake jet Cruise from Radinn is the worlds first electric wake/surf board. It combines the speed of wake boarding and the freedom of surfing. So ideal for the ocean or lakes. Its a perfect ride for all water sport enthusiasts reaching speeds up to 46 km/h the Radinn Wake jet Cruise weighs in at 29 kilos and a length of 190 cm , this all electric board is powerful yet silent and has a replaceable battery so is very low maintenance. There are also 3 colour´s to choose from. The Wake Jet is designed for beginner riders as well as pro riders, so everyone can have fun, its buoyant for riders up to 130 kilos, this enables riders to start from a complete stand still. The board is completely waterproof so if submerged it will still run as normal. Another great thing about Radinn is that you can download the Radinn app to change preferred board configurations such as speed and acceleration so if you wanted to let the younger ones ride you can just lower the speed and acceleration via the app so safe you can sit back and relax, however if you are more of an adrenaline chaser or experienced rider you can give it that bit of an extra push and speed. so this wireless remote control board is a fun ride for all ages.



The Jet surf was created in 2004 and is an ultra light weight motorized surf board. Designed to challenge all water sport lovers with its combination of recreational fun and high octane motor sport, with a dry weight of just 18.5 kilos you can easily transport the Jet surf by hand , car , boat or plane.

The Jet surf is built tough and tested in heavy seas for durability. Beginner riders can gain confidence and feel the enjoyment of riding with speed by learning on flat water allowing them to learn with ease as the boards are very dynamic and easy to maneuver. There are 4 models of Jet Surf all with the same length of 180 cm and width of 60 cm, the most basic all rounder board which is fun for all is the Ultra Sport model as it has the smaller engine of all the models makes perfect for families and also for rental / charter use.  Next you have the Factory GP model, this will reach speeds of up to 55 km/h perfect ride in all water conditions its a challenging ride and moves great with the waves. The Jet Surf Race model is more on the pro racer side of design as its a thrill ride for people that have racing ambitions or just adrenaline chasers with its sport carburetor it will reach speeds of up to 58 km/h. So with Jet surfs technology what ever level of riding you are , they have something for you.


Nauti -Parts have both the Radinn electric board and also the Jet surf motorized board in stock available for immediate delivery , call down and see us in our store in Portals Nous or call us on 971 677730/610708167.”