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MSOS Choose MC Palma For Training Course

MSOS (Medical Offshore Support) are the latest brand to join the MC Palma community using their conference facilities to hold their specialist training courses.

MSOS is approved by the MCA to provide training courses such as Medical First Aid and Medical Care. In addition, MSOS also provides specialist courses on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the use of oxygen and defibrillators, advanced wound repair and more. MSOS courses place emphasis on teaching practical skills, which will be of benefit in the event of medical problems offshore.

Superyacht nurse, nutritionist, pro sailor and MSOS team member Amanda Beaver explains more about the importance of their training courses and why they have chosen to be part of MC Palma.

How important are your MSOS training courses?

Our medical training courses are incredibly important as it is essential for people who work on yachts to have experience in first aid starting with the one day course and as they progress in their career then further training is needed. Remember, it’s not just at sea that people need first aid experience, even in the normal work place – it’s a good idea to have some kind of first aid knowledge.

For me personally, although I am still a practicing medic, working in emergency and ICUs all over the world, I am also a professional sailor and I still sail doing deliveries and offshore and inshore races. What I see first hand is that we’re dealing with big gear on superyachts and although we’re as safe as we can be, the sea is unpredictable and throws unpredictable situations at us. Even seasickness for example, it can be one of the deadliest conditions I have ever seen and it can be life threatening if not dealt with.

Another point to mention is the loads that we have on yachts – we are dealing with an incredible amount of tonnage on superyachts as well as other diverse equipment that is super advanced and we need our skills to keep up with it. Although the technology is advanced and extensive safety tests are carried out, things go wrong…. masts fall down, faults on winches or cranes etc., we have a whole bunch of issues that can happen and we need to be prepared for any emergency. My motto is prevention is easier than cure.

MSOS run many courses throughout the year here in Palma, how important is it to find the right venue to hold them in?

I’ve been working in training rooms around Palma since 2010 and genuinely I have not found one better than MC Palma. When you are teaching, it’s important to have good light, good ventilation and good AV equipment. I’ve taught in one room that by 11am in the morning, people had to wear sunglasses in the room. I’ve taught in places where building work has started up and I’ve had to shout and scream to be heard and other places, you walk out dusty because the ventilation has been so poor. Another important one for me is SPACE! I like to recreate a ship’s hospital and make it as real as possible. The MC Palma conference room is a seriously decent size and with the additional factor of sound proofing, it means that I can really make the set up as realistic as possible. Other factors such as parking and being able to get lunch are also important and again MC Palma ticks those boxes too.

The MC Palma conference room is found within their showroom facilities on the Paseo Maritimo opposite Club de Mar. Whether you’re looking to hold a product launch, training course or event, MC Palma’s contemporary conference room has AV equipment, surround sound, air conditioning and is completely sound proofed.

If you would like to learn more about the MC Palma showroom or MC Palma conference room then contact them at info@mcpalma.com or go to www.mcpalma.com.

For more information on MSOS courses contact them at info@msos.org.uk or go to www.msos.org.uk