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Motor Cruising In Style

As we welcome the arrival of spring following a chilly winter, we also welcome the demand for motor cruising training and charters. Whilst the tranquillity and artistry of sailing can be pure joy there is an argument for the convenience, and speed, of motor cruising. As I was once told “it’s point and go’ and the motor cruising students were always well in to their second pint before the sailors arrived.

At Aigua Sea School we have a little announcement to make and you’re reading this news first here in The Islander. Our search for the perfect motor yacht for training has finally come to fruition and, after some works in the UK, a crew of Aigua instructors flew off to the mainland early last month to bring home the latest member of our team.  A huge thanks to Sam, Nathan and Steve who came with me to bring ‘And So To Sea’ home to Palma.

Owning our own, fully commercially coded, 12m motor yacht provides a flexibility to run the full variety of courses of the RYA motor cruising scheme, plus provide refresher training days, training and assessment for the International Certificate of Competence and the shorter ‘starter pack’ courses of ‘Start Motor Cruising’ and ‘Helmsman’s Course’ throughout the year.

The RYA scheme begins with ‘Start Motor Cruising’, a one-day stand alone course (or two days when accompanying other courses) with a minimum age of student set at just 8 years old, so ideal for family cruising plans. The ‘Helmsman’s Course’ is next on the ladder, teaching boat handling and seamanship over two days with the aim for the candidate to feel confident in general boat handling. With a minimum age of 12, it really opens the opportunity for the younger members of crew to play a useful role onboard.

The four-day Day Skipper course is the most sought-after certificate as it proves a level of competence required in the application for the much-coveted International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft, the ICC.  It must be understood that a level of navigation theory must be held before pursuing the Day Skipper practical certificate and this can be achieved through online or classroom course. Consult with your training centre to find the best solution for you.

Our lovely new training yacht also provides the flexibility of providing even more of a service to our Yachtmaster candidates. In some cases, where skippering experience has been acquired on vessels above 7m but less than 10m, whist still meeting the RYA/MCA criteria can leave the candidate lacking in ‘bigger boat’ handling skills. A weekend spent on a 12m twin engine motor yacht with high and spacious flybridge, prior to the full exam training week will alleviate any concerns of a candidate’s ability in close quarter manoeuvring skills.  Training without pressure!

The RYA cruising scheme is clearly represented on their website at rya.org.uk  and you’ll be welcome at our aiguaseaschool website and click on MOTOR.



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