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MCA change the Fire Code

Following the successful launch of the MGN 453 in 2013, the MCA after an 18 month period of industry consultation, have upgraded the code to MGN 580.

Implementation was from the beginning of March 2020 after which newly issued MGN 453 certificates were invalid.

The key differences are in the testing protocol where all textiles are tested to a higher performance requirement than previously.

This includes carpet and floor coverings requiring both flammability and the stringent life – saving toxicity test.

Yacht Protect Services Ltd. are the first company to achieve this new status. Despite the COVID 19 restrictions YPS are able to provide the service to clients yachts in the key chartering areas due to their unique team of partners throughout Europe and the USA.

Terry Pooley the co- owner says ”we are finding it extremely challenging to handle the surge of  enquiries now that COVID is freeing up in many areas even though we have  this excellent team of  local partners. We are strongly advising all our clients to  confirm their needs at the earliest opportunity to ensure availability when it suits them.”

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