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Marketing Students Working For Marine Conservation

Have you ever thought about the way in which, and to what extent, your mood, your desires and your actions are influenced by marketing?

In a world where we are constantly exposed to both direct and subliminal advertisements and commercials wherever we go, and where we are bombarded with it whenever we’re online, this question becomes increasingly important.

This last month, at Asociación Ondine we turned this question around and asked marketing students if they had thought about the way in which their work has the power to influence the mood, desires and actions of others in unexpected directions.

In many ways, effective marketing in a globalised world has an immense power to influence not only individuals and groups of individuals, but society as a whole.

We have all seen it many times, and as consumer demand for “green” products and environmentally responsible companies is on the rise, it is noticeable how this marketing power is increasingly being used in relation to environmental issues – for good … and for bad.

Effective campaigns to demand social and environmental responsibility from polluting companies  are on the one hand extremely important for a change to take place. At the same time, many companies who feel the pressing need to “go green” in order to attract customers may misuse their marketing power to engage in so called “Greenwashing.”

Greenwashing is a huge subject, fit for a whole other article, but in short it means that companies are providing customers with misleading information which portrays a product (or the company itself) as environmentally friendly, while in reality the claim is false or overestimated in relation to the product’s (or company’s) actual impact on the environment.

Through a collaboration with ESERP Business School in Palma, we recently got the chance to work together with their marketing students to teach them about plastic pollution and marine conservation. We talked with them about the negative impacts of misleading marketing on environmental progress, and discussed important topics such as the responsibly that comes with the power of influence, and the positive impact that marketing can have when used for the long term benefit of the community.

After a few very interesting classroom sessions, the ESERP students undertook a beach clean and conducted a scientific survey on plastic pollution, obtaining results that surprised them all. Once back in the classroom, the students analysed the results, drew conclusions and split up into groups in order to begin working on a month long marketing project for marine conservation.

During this period they have been helping Asociación Ondine by developing creative marketing and communication plans to be used within our Balears Sense Plàstic project (meaning Plastic Free Balearics).

The BSP project is a collaboration between Ondine and 45 local companies from all sectors (hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, markets, yachts, event organisers etc.). The companies work together with Ondine to evaluate their use of single-use plastics and foster a behavioural change which works towards the elimination of the assessed items while simultaneously raising awareness among their customers.

As soon as temperatures rise,  the ESERP students who present the best project will be awarded a boat excursion to a Balearic MPA together with the O- team, to connect with nature and learn even more about local marine conservation.

Join us for a Dos Manos beach clean!

Throughout the year, we organise public beach cleans to gather scientific data and raise awareness among the public about plastic pollution and its solutions. This month we’ll be getting together to clean the beach in Ciutat Jardin, Sunday 10/3 starting 11AM. Asociación Ondine’s beach cleans are all about communities getting together to socialise, share knowledge and take action to protect the environment. In addition to removing the waste we find on the beach, these events are educational activities which raise awareness of the increasing problem of plastic pollution in our environment. As a volunteer you will participate in citizen science by helping us to collect data for a scientific survey whilst spending a fun Sunday morning in great company on the beach!  Bring reusable gloves and we’ll see you at the beach!

Can’t make it in March? Check out our 2019 calendar and join us for any of the coming clean ups! Follow us on Facebook where we publish detailed information about each of the events.