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This new innovative product is called Marinaut, it is a compact, wall mounted garbage vacuum product. It is manufactured in Germany and has been created specifically for Superyachts, where space is always at a premium.The conventional forms of storage,

transportation and disposal of waste can be burdensome and not a pleasant task. During summer seasons, odours can be very unpleasant for guests and crew alike. In addition to bad odours, waste can also expose guest and crews to contamination by germs.

Using the MARI)(naut vacuum system however, waste on a vessel is effectively isolated and hygienically sealed. Safe and odour free. The unique MARI)(naut hygiene filter effectively prevents the escape of odours and germs. The working environment remains unpolluted and clean and most

important, the crew is protected.


The products main benefits are:


–          Compact size

–          Simple operation

–          Quiet operation

–          Black rubbish* bags are reduced by up to 50% in size

–          All smells are kept inside the recommended black bags


  • Bags are double sealed, super tough bags, 1 year’s worth of these bags (Estimated based on experience) are included in the overall cost of the machine.



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