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Luxury Linens In Palma

Dear Islander Reader!

Happy to introduce myself briefly.

My name is Gwendolyn Frankefort and I am passionately working with high quality textiles since 1995. The style of my linens is timeless and classic with a focus on clean lines and elegant functionality.  With my bespoke service and attention to detail I have earned the trust and loyalty of many customers worldwide, including designers, architects, decorators and shipyards.

It will be my pleasure to be monthly in contact with you on subjects that show the importance of choosing the right textiles and linens.

Textiles are one of the most important elements in the interior design of a yacht as the choice of the materials reflects the project as a whole. They must be of the utmost quality to represent luxury, and also convey the design mood. As well as reflecting the boat’s aesthetic, textiles can help to bring different spaces on the boat together. You can select different designs, textures or colours for different areas to allow for a change in the atmosphere or environment, but still create coherence throughout. Generally speaking, I aim for quite a co-ordinated look across the interior and exterior areas, while ensuring that every single space is dressed according to its particular feature and use.

An important development in textiles over the last few years has been the increase in what’s now possible. There is so much flexibility and customisation. There are many new fibres with a focus on sustainability which allows for increasing creativity.

A lot of owners are asking for eco-friendly materials and it’s clear that they are becoming more sensitive to the impact of materials and the environment.

When it comes to yachts that will be used for charter we are restricted by regulations in place and price, but for superyachts intended solely for private use, the sky is the limit!

First Luxury

Gwendolyn Frankefort

+34 652 423 231