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Life is for Living not for paperwork!

Louise & Jo are delighted to announce the launch of their new business, Embrace Admin Solutions, having held their inauguration at The Ship, Portals on Friday 20th September.

With the ever increasing administrative demands on small businesses and self-employed, they know how difficult it is to keep up with and meet those requirements.  They can “take the pain out of paperwork” to free up valuable time, enabling their clients to concentrate on what they do best.  Jo and Louise offer a comprehensive administrative service with professionalism, confidentiality and expertise, as well as extensive administrative knowledge of our beautiful Island.

Jo Spencer has lived in Mallorca for over 20 years.  She has been a partner in a property company and has a wealth of knowledge regarding Sales & Customer Service.  In addition, she is “The Oracle” when it comes to where to go, how to do, and get it done.

Louise Cook has lived in Mallorca for 15 years.  Prior to moving here, she worked in Human Resources, and continues to successfully run a business in Mallorca.  She is highly organised and has an in-depth knowledge of the processes and systems that are required, to meet the administrative demands.

Embrace Admin Solutions offers a wide range of services, including business administration such as accounts preparation, quotations, and invoicing.  In addition, business analysis and efficiency, Customer Service and Sales, as well as Human Resources advice.  Supplementary services include boat yard access, medicals, documentation completion and working your way through the various administrative processes in Mallorca.  This is not a comprehensive list, and added to their expertise, Jo and Louise are incredibly resourceful in providing business solutions.

Their focus is on understanding their client and the requirements, providing a flexible and individual package to suit the individuality of each one.  Excellent customer service with regard to maintaining contact and progress reports is also a priority.  Furthermore, client confidentiality, accuracy and a personalised service are high on their list of importance for their clients.

They would like to say a big Thank You to all those who have supported them, particularly their families and everyone who came to the launch, listened to them and nodded at the appropriate times.  Finally a word of thanks to 2 people;  Nicola, who was instrumental in her encouragement, providing practical solutions and ensuring everything was ready for the launch, and Grainne who opened the doors of The Ship, Portals for the event.

Embrace Admin Solutions look forward to being able to add value to business, and take the “pain out of paperwork” with their dedicated and efficient service to suit your unique administrative requirements.


Call (+34) 679 55 64 69