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Life Beyond The Marina


Working together on a boat can sometimes be tricky to say the least. Confined spaces , long hours, crew politics and stress can sometimes have an adverse effect on team work. Taking the crew out of boat circumstances and off for some adventurous activities can make the world of difference.

Escaping into the natural backdrop of Mallorca can really give the crew something to talk about and reflect on afterwards.

Organised activities which challenge them a little or a lot , depending on fitness levels encourages them to work together as a team, taking them out of their work surroundings and off somewhere different ; somewhere stunning in nature ; somewhere you would not expect to exist outside of the boatyard ; the whole experience will really bring them together.

It’s also a great and unique challenge for them as some may say they are unfit or not ready to tackle an organised fitness excursion such as this , but the day can be tailor made to suit everyone.

Many people who have never been canyoning before or climbing will dig their heels into the ground and believe they cannot do it ,but I would organise a gentle introduction and can guarantee that anyone who begins the day in this way always ends up achieving and feels even better for having overcome something they thought was not possible.

Excursions can include a variety of activities and/ or a visit to a vineyard, olive press or other local artisan activities to combine exercise, adventure and some local culture making the whole experience truly memorable.

These activities can be stand alone or they can include a group or individual training program and/ or nutritional , DNA plan along side.

Drop me a line if you would like to keep your crew entertained , encourage team building, reward the crew with a fun activity or simply have something organised whilst you are here on the island.


All activities are possible from hiking in the Tramuntana´s, road biking, canyoning, cliff scaling, assault course racing, beach bootcamp and artisan or problem solving activities. Its such an open book – allow me to help you to put together a fun and adventurous package that will have you talking about for a long time in the future.


“ I never thought I could do it, but I did and the rest of the group helped me out …. afterwards I felt amazing – and we never stopped talking about it- I would recommend it to everyone …”


“ I did not realise these places existed in Mallorca – it was so much fun to get out of the marina and into the mountains “


“ a truly memorable experience, a great workout …. but doable – even after being stuck at sea the whole season and not able to exercise “


Katie Handyside – Personal Trainer

+34 636 322 959