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Let’s Get Alkaline

I get asked this question all the time and that is, How do I keep my body alkaline and filled with oxygen?

Alkalinity is the one and only thing that can create total balance in our body and we must strive for 80% alkaline and up your intake of raw foods

It’s all about choices. You can control your health by making a few simple lifestyle choices.

Here are some suggestions.

Highly Alkaline Foods







Moderate Alkaline Foods


Green beans


Collard / spring greens



In many ways, staying healthy and preventing disease is about making smart preventative choices. Living well helps increase the strength of your natural

immune system and can help your body fight off sickness and damage. Having a good diet is an integral part of staying healthy, energetic and young!

Broccoli – While definitely high in alkaline s, broccoli

has some of the best across the board general nutrition of

any food. Containing substantial portions of a healthy daily

dose of close to two dozen different vitamins and minerals,

a growing number of nutritionists and savvy cooks are

trying to work broccoli in to the daily diet of their clients.

This shouldn’t be that difficult, because broccoli is immensely versatile as a food. It is delicious

raw, steamed, cooked, or added to almost any other food.

Cucumbers – Cucumbers are the best choice for

those who are looking to detoxify and purify their systems

as well as add alkaline s; this is because these vegetables

are upwards of 95% water. Because they are so incredibly

hydrating, they also carry chemical compounds that you

do not often find in other foods Another popular use of

cucumbers is as the base for many types of vegetable soup, as well as smoothies and juices. It provides a great tasting base juice that mixes easily with almost anything else.

Drink Green Juice

Green juices carry oxygen throughout your body, oxygenating every cell and tissue, facilitating

an oxygen-rich environment, providing the playground for healing and health.

Become a Juiceaholic!

Green juice is becoming one of the most popular raw food recipes and biggest benefits for helping our bodies increase the amount of alkaline and to balance our overall body pH which can help to give us more energy as well as help with disease prevention. One of the best ways that you can

absorb these rich nutrients is through juicing. This means that you can get more nutrients packed into a glass of green juice then you would into a green smoothie that you

would make in a blender. This method is far quicker than you actually eating raw vegetables or even blended vegetables because your body simply doesn’t need

to break down the nutrients to absorb it. This is the main benefit to juicing.

We Do It For You!

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Beverley Pugh

Hippocrates health Educator-Raw Food Chef Coach and Instructor