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Katie Handyside: Swim, Bike & Run


I’ve just returned from doing the Olympic triathlon in Formentera which was absolutely amazing , I loved every minute of it. I did fairly well and comparing my times to the winner ,it’s always the swim that lets me down – but as with all weaknesses I need to keep practicing- drills and technique.

Otherwise, I just need to keep making sure my other disciplines get even faster!

The added advantage of being a quick swimmer is that you have a psychological advantage driving you forward . You are in the lead going in to the bike section and you don’t want to let anyone catch you … it can be rather disheartening when you exit the water and grab your bike …. seeing that many of the bikes have already gone and you need to spend the rest of the race trying to catch up!

Katie’s Rant! 

I would however like to comment on how unfair the race is for women. In all the competitions I have done there have been a handful of women and hundreds of men. In the last few races the men have been allowed to draught on the bike and the women can only draft with other women.

In short this means that the average speed of the men is going to be a lot higher than for the women, since we usually ride own our own . It also means that by the time the men come to run their legs are a lot fresher because they have not pounded the crap out of them on the bike.


Finishing on a positive note I would like to thank all these people behind these amazing events. To be able to compete every weekend in a swim, triathlon, duathlon, bike race and so forth makes for much better training. There are constantly lots of events happening here on the island. If you would like to know more about getting involved in one yourself – i.e competing or training for one then please drop me a line ? We can ensure that your stay here in Mallorca is a variety of health and fitness activities.


“ Im not the strongest or the fastest but Im really good at suffering…”



For advice on fitness, exercise, nutrition, health and wellness or finding out how to start a group class for your boat then please drop me a line.




Katie Handyside – Personal Trainer

+34 636 322 959