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JoyRon Foundation Collaborates With Local Boat Club

JoyRon Foundation established in 2015 to “Help Children in Need in the Balearics”, is in the process of establishing an on-going collaboration arrangement with Catany Boat Club. The objective of the arrangement between the two entities is to provide regular day boat trips to the numerous number of underprivileged children in Mallorca, be they orphaned, in care or deprived of a social activity.


Hence the two entities are seeking the use of a dedicated boat to achieve the objective. However, at this stage, it is recognised that the finer detail of the collaboration arrangement, will be dependent on how the required boat, a nine to twelve meter rib or fibre glass for nine plus persons is obtained.


Maybe, if we are fortunate, a very charitable minded individual, who has such a boat, but no longer uses it and does not wish to continue with mooring fees and ongoing maintenance of the boat, may wish to donate it to the charity or offer it at a price well below market value to the charity/boat club. Alternatively maybe there is someone out there that has such a boat that they are willing to make available on a regular gratuitous basis to the boat club.


Once the means by which the boat is made available is identified, the boat could/will be operated, managed and maintained by the established Boat Club, and JoyRon Foundation will then organise and in collaboration with Catany Boat Club provide regular free day boat trips to the underprivileged children.


If you are aware of the availability of such a boat, be it by donation, gratuitous availability or at an extremely competitive price that is difficult to ignore. The underprivileged children are awaiting your generous offer.


Ronald M Hawes                                                                                                         

Founder and President

Fundacion JoyRon


Nicolas Catany

CEO & Founder

Catany Boat Club

Teléfono: +34 622 681 386
Email: nicolas@catanyboatclub.es