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JMS Move Offices

JMS Yacht Management Services and Crew Recruitment’s New Palma Office

I’m sat at the Palma Superyacht show chatting to Caroline Antlett, New Business Director for JMS, founded by Franc Jansen because he felt that “yacht management can be done better” and it’s clear that she’s excited about the launch of the new office behind our beloved Boathouse.  JMS provides well over 30 different specialist services for clients who own and operate luxury vessels at sea. Clients benefit from each and every one of those services backed by their 7-Point JMS Client Promise. They guarantee that all goals are shared and that they will take the time to understand the yacht and crew, as well as personal objectives and priorities. This ensures that they understand technically how to fully deliver on needs and wants and they are able to guarantee this by only contracting with clients and yachts that they know they can excel at helping.

As such they are able to offer competitive pricing as a business, as they are there to profit as much from their experience and know-how as their clients, however, they pride themselves on being neither greedy nor opportunistic. All contract quotes are calculated with the least possible margins using the maximum of their network’s benefits, so the total paid for their services is always industry competitive. Alongside their competitive pricing comes the combined experience of over 176 years in luxury yachting and commercial shipping. It’s fair to say their network of service providers is second to none. This means that clients benefit from volume discounts, faster delivery and the sort of personal relationships that have helped many Captains and Owners out of some potentially very awkward situations.

Where they get a little fastidious is in transparency and reporting. Whether they are working with suppliers, shipyards, designers, architects, project managers, lawyers, surveyors and all the rest, clients will always receive clear, succinct and insightful reports and updates on every aspect of every task that they carry out for owners, their Captains and yachts. The reports can be adapted according to just how much and what type of information they need and want.

One of their final key pillars is honesty. It might seem a little odd to mention it but as they say, so much of successful and rewarding yachting depends upon it. Whether it is linked to working with suppliers or recommendations they always make them in the best interests of achieving their own yachting objectives, honesty (even with its risks) lies at the heart of everything they do 24/7. We are very excited to welcome the JMS team to the island!


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