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Islander Stew Of The Month – Bex Mottram

What did you do before yachting and how did your yachting career first begin?

 I worked in central London as a Website Content Manager for a Fashion Retailer – so something completely different. It was after I turned 30 that I had a feeling I just needed a change, get out of the rat race and have a bit more sunshine in my life. My parents have lived in Palma since the early 90’s so I’ve been coming to the island for years and obviously over time met people in the yachting industry, that’s how the seed was sown.

What has been your favourite boat you’ve worked on and why?

In case any of them are reading this, I am going to say they have all been special to me in different ways (ever the diplomat!) I will say that crew dynamic is one of the most important parts of a well run boat in my opinion. Everything comes from the top down and when you work as a proper team, anything is possible. Finding a boat like that can be difficult so if you find one you’re very lucky.

 What are the best and worst parts about working on-board?

 The best bit for me is working with people, I’m a people person – everyone you meet has got something to teach you, even if you don’t realise it at the time. If I’ve had a positive effect on somebody’s day or holiday experience, that for me is job satisfaction.

The worst part is the lack of privacy or time on your own, and missing important celebrations or family gatherings – I think everyone in yachting can relate to that.

How do you keep sane on charter?

 To me having a moment, however small, to myself every day is super important. If I’m on the early shift I’ll always get up a little earlier and have a cup of tea on the bow or have 5 minutes looking up at the stars last thing at night. Just a little time to clear you head where you don’t have to think about work can make all the difference.  Alternatively becoming a pro at napping is always handy!

What are your best strategies for spoiling charter guests?

 I think for me it’s always about how you make someone feel, so the atmosphere on-board and the interaction between crew and guests can really make a difference. Also, I’ve found everyone likes a story, so I try to find out a little bit of unusual information about the area we’re in or maybe the wine they are drinking.  Most charter guests will be very used to amazing food and exceptional service wherever they go, but what will really make their experience on-board stand out is if they go away having made memories that will last a lifetime.

What’s the coolest thing you have done for guests?

 The guests were having sushi for dinner so I did a whole Japanese themed evening. Everything was Red, Yellow, Black and White. I cut up sheets and painted Japanese symbols on them and attached them from the sun deck so they hung round the aft deck table. My stew and I did our hair in buns and fixed them with chop sticks, it was such a fun night.

What is your signature cocktail?

 Espresso Martini – I love making them and I love drinking them. I like to call them a Bexpresso Martini! There’s a version now called a Cappuccino Martini which I want to learn how to make.

What is your favourite yachting destination?

 Although I’ve only cruised in the Med I have been to some beautiful places, some very remote destinations as well as the milk run but there’s no feeling like coming back to Palma. I have family and friends here so love coming back – it really is a magical island.

If you owned a superyacht, what would you do differently?

 To be honest I wouldn’t own a superyacht – it seems quite stressful. If you’re going to invite me as a charter guest though I wouldn’t say no!

What is your on-board pet hate?

 I really dislike people that don’t use ashtrays as they were intended. I had a guest once that put out his cigarette on his half-finished dessert plate. My chin nearly hit the floor.

What career achievement are you most proud of?

 I think making the decision to leave my job, flat and friends in London and actually starting yachting at the ripe old age of 31 was pretty brave move and something I’m proud of. It’s not an achievement as such but I always get a great sense of fulfilment at the end of every trip when you know you’ve put in 110% and the guests go away happy.

Best housekeeping tip/hack?

 If possible always carry a small cloth with you at all times, so you can wipe any finger prints you see as you go. I also always tell my stews to get on their knees (head out of the gutter please!) It’s amazing what you notice when you look at things from different angles.

Tell us about your funniest embarrassing moment on board.

I once picked up poo from the carpet in the guest area that I thought was a bit of food, I have an inkling of how it got there (no we didn’t have any pets onboard!) but this didn’t make it any better. After the initial shock I, and the whole crew, found it hilarious.

What’s your favourite adventure in Mallorca?

 I’m not much of an adventurer to be honest, but I do love discovering great restaurants that I haven’t been too before. From Cellar restaurants to Michelin star places, from Chiringuitos to local Tapas bars – this island really has a great selection of places to eat.

 If you could give your 20 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

 Wow – that seems like a lifetime ago. Everything I went through in my 20’s has made me the person I am today so maybe I wouldn’t want to change that, but I’d probably tell her it’s ok to tell people to f*ck off occasionally – life’s too short to deal with idiots!

 What’s your plan for the future?

 At the moment I’m really excited about my future, the world really is your oyster folks! I’d love to have a place of my own in the next couple of years, put down some roots somewhere. My plan is to be successful enough to have a garden big enough for the dog I want to get. Not too much to ask, right?!

Thank you for reading! xxx

Bex Mottram

Chief Stewardess – MY Dojo

Interview by Melanie Winters




Interview by Melanie Winters

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