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Is Crossing The Atlantic In Your Plans? Don’t Forget To Apply For Your B1B2 Visa

Summer is coming to an end and it is time to start thinking of the forthcoming Caribbean season. Most of the crew on board yachts who have spent the summer season in the Med will need to renew their Visas to enter the United States. This is an important immigration procedure in order to be able to operate in US territory. Obtaining a Visa is mandatory for persons who want to enter the United States temporarily for business (visa category B-1) or for tourism (visa category B-2), and the required visa for yacht crew is the combined form, the B-1/B-2.

Evolution Yacht agents has already begun receiving requests from crew members to help them to manage their visa applications.  The US Embassy is very strict on requirements but the Concierge & Immigration team at Evolution is glad to clarify the protocol and assist with any part of the procedure for the best chance of a successful application.

Whether you do not know how to apply, how to complete the online visa application forms, schedule an interview with the Consular Officer, would like to make a group application so that all crew can apply together, or are unclear as to the required support documentation to successfully apply for a visa, Evolution is your trusted source having successfully lodged over 70 applications last season and already over 20 this season.

Evolution perfectly understands the importance of having a reliable local advisor who is able to guide you through from start to finish – we can also arrange transportation and accommodation if necessary and advise support crew on Schengen visas how may have restricted travel options.

For further advice and guidance on this matter as well as any Customs and Immigration enquiries please contact Evolution Yacht Agents – info@evolutionagents.com




 Evolution Yacht Agents – One step ahead in yacht services

Evolution Yacht Agents is a registered yacht agent offering a comprehensive and bespoke service to superyachts in all major Spanish ports. They provide an in-depth knowledge of the local superyacht market as well as the Spanish navigational and customs regulations.

The Evolution team offers you the optimum experience in the fields of Concierge, Provisioning, Customs, Deck & Engineering, Spares, Interior, Logistics and Fuel.

Their extensive network of contacts, great expertise and wide range in-house resources make them the number one yacht agent to choose when entering Spanish waters.

Navigate Spain with Evolution

Email: info@evolutionagents.com

Telephone: +34 971 400 200













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