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Introducing: the new Dongfeng Race Team boat for the 2017-18 edition!

Pretty cool, huh? The Chinese boat is the first Volvo Ocean 65 to complete the three month re-fit process at The Boatyard in Lisbon, Portugal – and we think you’ll agree that it looks slicker than ever.

There are new eye-catching colours, new intricate branding designs, and a brand new one-design bow colourway.


Amalia Infante/Volvo Ocean Race

But it’s not all about the looks. The boat has been completely overhauled, with over 500 items being upgraded or added in a project worth around €1 million per boat.

It means that the sailors will have new electronics, new sails, new deck gear and much more, as they embark on what promises to be one of the most extreme Volvo Ocean Races in memory.

“After months of hibernating behind closed doors at the Boatyard in Lisbon, we have finally received our new boat, and it looks incredible,” said Graham Tourell, Dongfeng Race Team boat captain.


Amalia Infante/Volvo Ocean Race

He continued: “All of the guys here have done a fantastic job, and have hit every single deadline along the way, and now we can show off their hard work.

“The boat is due to launch next Tuesday after the rig has been stepped, and then we have a commissioning process which needs to be undertaken to ensure all of the systems are working and are all calibrated, so that when Charles Caudrelier and the sailing team arrive, they can hit the ground running with their training program.”


Amalia Infante/Volvo Ocean Race

The teams will race three times more Southern Ocean miles next edition than in recent races, that has been a key factor behind the decision to upgrade the boats so comprehensively.

“I’m absolutely delighted with the way that the re-fit process has gone so far, and it’s really pleasing to see the first boat out of the shed, on deadline, and looking brand new with its eye-catching design,” said Volvo Ocean Race’s Director of Boats and Maintenance, Nick Bice.


Yann Riou/Volvo Ocean Race

“The enhancements to the Volvo Ocean 65s are all based around performance and reliability. These boats were built with two laps around the world in mind, and we were hugely impressed by the condition that they were in at the end of the 2014-15 race.

“But we’re always look for innovation and progression, and that’s where small gains here and there can make a huge difference. Yes, it’s the same boat, but we’ve massively optimised this yacht since the last edition.