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Introducing Pop Up Club!

With the yachting industry continuing to grow, Viking made the decision to open a “Pop Up Office” in Palma in January 2017.  During the course of the two months, we established strong relationships with other industry professionals and held the first successful networking event at The Boathouse in Palma, of whom we collaborated with Global Services and E3 Systems.

After the great success in Palma, as partners we decided to hold another event in Bremen, Germany, this time a Summer BBQ for all new build crew and industry professionals based in the area. With a large number of attendees at the first Summer BBQ in 2017, it was an event to remember. We have now hosted our second Pop Up Palma mixer and second Summer BBQ in Bremen of 2018 and plan to expand on our locations, exploring Barcelona and other yachtie hubs. We have also welcomed our fourth and final partner – DWD – Dolphin Wear & Deckers.

The Pop Up Club now consists of four non-competitive companies, Viking Crew/Maritime Skills Academy (Matthew Jaenicke – Managing Director), Global Services (James Beddall – Head of Sales), E3 Systems (Greg Butler-Davis – Sales Manager) and DWD – Dolphin Wear & Deckers (David Ireland – Managing Director).

James Beddall of Global Services comments –

“Global Services are very proud to be part of the PopUpClub, starting this great idea with our friends from Viking back in 2017 with an event in Palma and a BBQ in Bremen for all of the new build teams in the local area. We have since introduced our friends at DWD into the PopUpClub and have held some amazing events since, with this year’s BBQ in Bremen doubling in size in terms of attendees to over 150! We are all very much excited to host various events throughout the year in different areas of Europe for all of our loyal customers and industry friends.”

 Matthew Jaenicke, Group Managing Director or Viking Maritime comments –

 “Creating the PopUPClub with our friends at E3, Global and DWD has been a great success so far! The events have allowed industry professionals, as well as Captains and Crew from within yachting to be able to network and socialise at a number of key global locations. We look forward to meeting more of you very soon and watch out for any upcoming events”

 Please keep your eye out for future events hosted by the Pop Up Club via social media!

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