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Home > Legal & Financial > IMCI opens UK office to certify recreational boats meet UKCA mark

IMCI opens UK office to certify recreational boats meet UKCA mark

The Brussels-based International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI) has founded IMCI (UK) in Liverpool to ensure that recreational boats placed on the British market meet the country’s post-Brexit technical, safety and environmental standards.

The European Union’s CE certificates remain valid in Britain until the end of 2021. As of 2022, CE-marked goods must obtain a UKCA (United Kingdom Conformity Assessment) mark to enter the UK market.

In post-Brexit Europe, outfits like IMCI that are designated by an EU country to assess product conformity must be accredited as “UK Approved Bodies” if they wish to award the UKCA mark.

“To this end, IMCI has already incorporated and registered a company called the International Marine Certification Society with the registered trading name IMCI (UK) in Liverpool,” says IMCI.

“We are currently waiting for the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, the UK accreditation body, to audit us. Unfortunately, UKAS is currently short of staff and thus has not yet been able to set up an audit team for us.”

Britain’s Recreational Craft Regulations of 2017 are identical to the EU’s Recreational Craft Directive. But in the post-Brexit era, the EU recreational craft standards are now called “designated standards” in Britain.

After December 31, 2021, manufacturers must have a Manufacturers Identity Code (MIC) with the UK Register to place craft on the UK market. British Marine manages the UK MIC register on behalf of the UK government.

However, watercraft with an MIC issued in the UK can no longer be placed on the EU market. Their manufacturers must get a new code from an EU government. IMCI (UK) and IMCI say they are happy to assist with this.