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Illness Can Not Live In An Oxygenated Body!

29 years ago my allopathic doctor told me that the only way that I could heal myself and not die would be to stop eating meat! I had no idea what to do or what he meant! At that moment in time I smoked 2 packets of cigarettes a day drank whisky and brandy and ate a “meat and potatoe “ diet every single day.

I never gave it much thought to what I ate or how it had an impact on my health! I was told that no medication could help my illness so what to do? My family did not tell me that I was on the verge of death or that my illness was so critical, I guess they were also at a loss of understanding what to do or how to cope.

Six months in bed not being able to move and lots of time to read and begin an “inner journey” helped me to make a huge difference with lots of changes and a new way of understanding my relationship to food.

I became a vegetarian(not quite getting it right), then transitioned to veganism which led me to discover the macrobiotic diet that meant cooking my food for a huge length of time. I was told that you are supposed to eat food that is full of oxygen so cooking for a long time did not make sense to me but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Getting more oxygen into my body was my goal so “just by chance “ i stumbled upon the Living Foods way of life 17 years ago ! I again had no idea what this was about but getting more life force into my body with oxygen rich foods seemed the best thing to do in order to obtain peak health.

What I experienced with this new way of eating was mind blowing! I was hungry and excited not only for food but knowledge. I wanted everyone to know about how oxygenated foods could change your life. I registered and trained as a Hippocrates Health Educator in Florida, trained with the top Raw Food Chefs and world leaders in the U.S.A and London , together with the already founding of the Bodhana massage center. Two decades of therapy training and personal growth later, I was hooked and I wanted to teach the world how to heal themselves with inner and outer body work, food, breath work, weight lifting and exercise. I created a Raw Foods Kitchen at my home in Puerto Portals and traveled all over the mainland Spain giving conferences and teaching the Raw Food way of life filled with oxygenated foods. Soon my business got too big for my home and one year ago I opened Vegan & Raw Organics to go and delivery in the heart of the Spanish area in Palma de Mallorca where along with my team we prepare oxygen rich“medi-cinal Foods”to go for Breakfast and lunch. We also serve special green juices and smoothies, wheatgrass shots and and amazingly “orgasmic” desserts! Our foods are all certified organic and 95% grown by the local Mallorcan organic farmers.

17 years later I know that in order to keep illness at bay and obtain peak health an oxygen rich plant based diet is and always will be my goal.



Beverley Pugh

Hippocrates Health Educator,Raw Food Chef Therapist & Coach