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Hostal Cuba’s Sky Bar

Sunrise &  Sunset – Hostal Cuba’s Sky Bar is the place to be and be seen!



I feel the best place to start is at sunset as this is by far the most dramatic time of the day to be visiting Hostal Cuba’s beautiful Sky Bar. Opened on July 4th 2014, Sky Bar is Cuba’s chicest offering by far and the clientele match it perfectly.


The stunning panoramic views start from the bottom of Paseo Mallorca, where once a great wall stood. This was supposedly to keep the pirates out and gave life to our beloved Santa Catalina, where local fisherman ran to hide before the closing of the gates. From there our eyes track over the always impressive and stunning Cathedral La Seu, one of only a handful in the world facing East, as she was built on the site of an ancient mosque. Onwards we see the gently swaying masts of the many marinas of Palma, and the great yachts under cover in the thriving shipyards, reminding us that we are a seafaring island. Finally, we take in the view of the windmills of Es Jonquet and the wonderful Bellver Castle, summer residence of many ancient kings of Mallorca. All of this view has the magnificent Hostal Cuba at its heart.


The views from this old smuggling watch-tower, created by an old fisherman who was inspired by his time in Cuba, cannot be beaten. And neither can the drinks. Everything you could possibly wish for in a cocktail menu and more is available. Seated at the prime table in the due south facing corner, we captured the dying rays of sunlight and perused the list. Bedazzled by the comprehensive array of cocktails on offer, many of which were modern twist on the classics, I turned instead to the help of Leander our ever attentive and knowledgeable waiter for the evening.


And so it was we started our delightful evening out with a Limoncello Sour and a classic Manhattan. My sour was everything I had hoped for. It was a beautifully rich yellow in colour, reminiscent of the lemon groves found all over the island. The sweetness of the Limoncello offset by the sour undertones of the lemon itself, leaves you pulling a sour face that turns into a wide grin as you are left with a lasting tingle on your tongue.

Anouska, my ever trusty and talented photographer and partner in crime’s choice of an ice-cold Manhattan, one of five cocktails named after a New York borough, was no less satisfying. The Moschino cherry at the bottom of the martini glass simply glowed in the fading light and the taste was perfection.


Needless to say these were not the only cocktails that we tried and loved. We also sampled a Basil Margarita, a Pornstar Martini, with its shot of cava on the side, the Moscow Mule, a Whiskey Sour and a Sailor’s Martini. My favourite of which was probably the Moscow Mule as it came out in a beautiful, dimpled copper tankard, garnished with ginger and cucumber.

All around us there was a hum of happiness. The gentle strains of chilled reggae perfectly complimented the animated chatter of friends and work colleagues, families, couples, tourists and ex-pats from all over the world. The atmosphere was one of chilled sophistication. The king of Spain has even been known to drop in from time to time, as well as other well-known faces. When we left, there was a queue of people ready to take our spot and to continue enjoying what was sure to be a perfect evening.




Open from 8:30am to 10:30am every day the team at Sky Bar serve up a fantastic buffet breakfast for both residents of the hotel, and for 18 euros for visitors. It is highly recommended that you book these coveted spots to ensure you get a table.

Service, as ever, from the delightfully happy Patricia and team was exemplary. Nothing was too difficult and we were made to feel welcome and at home from the moment we stepped through the door.


The buffet was wide ranging and covered food for every breakfast taste. Coco-pops, cornflakes and muesli for the cereal lovers; three types of eggs and bacon to satisfy those desiring a cooked breakfast; cold hams, cheeses and breads for those looking for something a little more continental; and fresh fruits and yogurts for those of us getting ready for the beach. Or, if you fancied, you could have a little bit of everything.

On the beverage side you could choose from every conceivable type of coffee, made freshly to order. If tea is your thing they have a range of over ten different types, from Ceylon to Rooibos, mint to English breakfast. Also on offer is the typically Mallorquian freshly squeezed orange juice, and a fantastic detox drink including everything you need to get you ready for the day ahead. And should you perhaps be celebrating something, enjoying your holiday or just because, there is also cava included in the price.


In conclusion


Sky Bar is an awesome location to begin and end the day. Whether you are on holiday, you have time off or you simply fancy a fabulous treat, it is worth every penny. Half a million people can’t be wrong. Salut, Jordi and Mima!


Review By Victoria Pearce

Photos Credit: Anouska Foss