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Getting Underway – April 2017


These last weeks, again the nautical sector has been accused of being the most important sector responsible for pulling up posidonia meadows. Our position has always been clear: We are not against being regulated, whenever it is based on reliable scientific evidence performed by independent entities, and all the threats that the posidonia is under, need to be quantified. Moreover, from AENIB, we believe that the Government should explain why nobody from the yacht sector has been informed about the process to participate in the drafting of a law to protect posidonia. Despite the fact that it is a process that affects us directly, it has made us almost miss part of the deadline. Neither have we been able to report to our associates, nor have gathered the corresponding information to present it adequately.

Regarding posidonia, it is very well known that in this association we have always defended the need to protect our environment, because our biggest wealth comes from the sea. The posidonia meadows have an incalculable value for our waters, and without any doubt, it is necessary to protect them. Having clarified this point, and showing our biggest respect to those environmentalist entities who want to preserve our natural environment; we believe that again, they are mistaken with their ideas. A study conducted in 2012 by IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB), reveals that the biggest enemy of posidonia is global warming. According to the study, up to a 90% of the meadows could have disappeared in 2050 because the water temperatures of the Mediterranean have risen. Another study from 2013 (also conducted by the CSIC) assures that the accumulation of hydrogen sulphide at the bottom of the sea was another huge danger for the moorings. In this case, we do not have to forget the terrible images recorded by Gaceta Náutica at the sewage pipes of Ciutat Jardí, in Palma; where you could see how the waste waters had transformed the bottom of the sea in a desolate wilderness in a strip that was over 100 meters in front of the beach.

Pollution that is poured from the ground, is the enemy number one of posidonia, and we have to fight against this if we want to achieve real results. Those users who anchor on meadows, they do it because whether they do not know how important this plant is or because there is a bad promotion of the eco-friendly buoys already installed. This is why we ask again to the Government to make a positive campaign to inform the nautical tourists how important this plant is, and also the mooring offers we have.

Around this time next month, most of us will be at the Palma Boat Show showing to the world the best of our companies. We will be exhibitors and professionals that want to make contacts or want to know the latest novelties of the sector. The Boat Show has overcome in every edition made thanks to the work of our association and the willingness of the public administrations. Surely, we are convinced that this year (if the weather is good) it will even be better than the previous one. It is more attractive for potential customers and visitors and more productive for all the exhibitors. But, above all, it will be a Boat Show that will project professionalism and a destiny of first category where you can enjoy recreational boats, and at the same time you can find maintaining services.

In this sense, we would like to inform you that, together with ANEN, we will have a stand in the Palma Boat Show, to attend the needs of our associates and we will also offer information to those companies or professionals that are interested in joining the association.