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Getting Fit For A Half Ironman In 10 Weeks

At the end of 2017, I had such high hopes and good intentions for 2018.  I decided that I would do my first Triathlon and signed up for the Mallorca Half Ironman (1,900m swim, 90km bike & 21km run).  I wanted to train my whole body rather than supporting the strong legs and a weak upper body of a road biker.  The event is at the start in Alcudia is on 12th May.  As part of that training process, I thought I would sign up for a 3 day mountain bike race in Menorca in March – www.camidecavalls360.com and the Mallorca 312 in April – www.mallorca312.com.  I also added a 3 day road biking race in the Dolomites in June as a treat at the end of it all.

But since the end of October, I have enjoyed the winter with some lovely Mallorca wines.  I have been out on my bike no more than 15 times and I have hardly been to the gym.  More recently, I have also been unlucky with a number of nasty viruses and have had my wisdom teeth removed.  It is now 12 weeks till I stand on the start line for the Mallorca Half Ironman & I have been ill in bed for the last 4 days, with man flu symptoms continuing to rise.  Thank heavens for Netflix & Peaky Blinders!


Anyway, I know myself very well.  I need to create a bit of pressure.  I have therefore decided to go on a mission and have recruited a team to help me.  Jakub will design the training plan via Training Peaks.  He will set out the activity schedule and the intensity levels of the Run, Swim & Bike sessions.  The run sessions are quite simple and I prefer to do those on my own.  The Bike sessions will naturally include my buddy Joan Horrach.  Each week, I will join one of Maria’s group swim sessions at Palma Tennis Club, have one private technical session and then two training sessions on my own.  There will be 3 run sessions and 3 bike session, all designed to build up my power again.  I will also have two Strength sessions with Flor, focusing on glutes, core and upper body.  To keep the mind in the right place, practice my breathing and stretch out my aching body, I have included a weekly Vinyasa Yoga session with Sandra at Earth Yoga!  The crew at Bicimetrics have agreed to a Running Analysis and Run Technique Coaching sessions and I have the Physio support of Nerea and the Osteopathy support of Joe.  To kick it all off I will have a number of physical tests to establish the base fitness that I am working from.  As I said, I know how my mind works – this… along with the pressure from the team will ensure I give everything 100%.  The main tests that I will need complete are likely to be a VO2 max test, Body Composition, Echocardiogram, Lean Mass Analysis.

Each month, I will let you know how the training is going and how the various events went.  This month, I will start off by introducing you to the dream team that have agreed  to help me out…


Jakub Pieniazek – Trainer

Jakub is a professional cycling / triathlon coach living here in Mallorca.  Jakub became a USA cycling certified coach in 2006 while residing in the USA as an Amateur.  He is currently the coach of the Polish National hand cycling team.  He is the owner of the Workshop Cycling Cafe in Palma.  You can make contact via www.theworkshopalma.cc


Joan Horrach – Cyclist

Joan spent 13 years as a professional rider on the Pro Tour from 2000-2013.  As one of the true characters of the peloton, he rode in several Tour de France, Giro d‘Italia and Vuelta de España.  During his time as a pro he rode for Illes Ballears, Team Katusha & Madison-Genesis.  His highlight was winning stage 12 of the Giro d’Italia in 2006.  He now puts a huge amount of time into the young cyclists of Mallorca and is often seen on the roads of Mallorca with his www.liveablock.com cycling club.  Best way to make contact is most definitely through Instagram – liveablock_joanhorrach


Maria Fuster Martinez – Swim Coach

Since Maria started swimming at the age of 11 and the pool has been her passion.  From a hobby, it became her career.  Maria now coaches at Palma Sport & Tennis and Club swimming Palma.  The combination of her technical knowledge, qualifications and experience has turned her into one of the best coaches in Spain.

She loves challenging her pupils to improve day after day.  She teaches people of all levels – from people who only swim for pleasure to the most demanding competitors.  She trains a number of triathletes who want to improve their swimming technique so that they can swim faster by getting less tired and be able to perform better on the bike and run sections.  Maria can be contacted via mariafustermartinez@gmail.com


Maria’s Bio

  • Olympic swimmer Beijin 2008.
  • Gold in all national level categories.
  • Spanish record 100m freestyle (Currently not beaten).
  • Silver in junior category.
  • European Record Master category +25.
  • Spanish representative of the anti-doping agency 2015


Flor Martinez – Fitness Instructor

Sport is her life.  Flor has trained in a number of sports throughout her life, but specialised at a serious level in athletics and handball.  In 2002 she obtained a University degree in Physical Education.  Since then Flor has trained both elite athletes and people who want to look good and improve their general health & fitness.  Right now she is training Muay Thai for herself, but not competitively.  Her clients are looking for additional strength to compete in various sports, such as golf, tennis, triathlon, marathon, swimming, etc.  At the same time, there are clients who are recovering from injuries and need to strengthen specific muscle groups.  Right now Flor trains at Palma Sport and Tennis Club and at Sport Hub, two fantastic sites in Palma.  Flor has a real commitment to helping her clients get results, strengthening their mind & body, creating a happier and healthier life.  You can make contact via www.flormartinez.com or by coming directly to the clubs where she teaches.


Sandra Wijkman Donovan – Yoga Instructor

Sandra has been teaching yoga for the past 15 years and after completing her first teacher training in NYC she moved to Mallorca where she has continued to teach for the past 15 years.  She opened her own yoga studio 2009, Earth Yoga and although Earth Yoga is her base, she teaches all over the island and in Sweden.  She continues to develop her training and evolve in her teachings.  Sandra teaches mostly a dynamic form of yoga called Vinyasa where you move and flow in between postures to create heat and strength.  She also loves the teachings of restorative yoga and the slower paced longer holds.  You can make contact via www.earthyoga.es


Running School Mallorca at Bicimetrics 

Bicimetrics offers Running Analysis and Run Technique Coaching.  The basic principle is that most people have not been taught how to run properly and think that running is something that you pick-up naturally.  Running is apparently a skill and something that needs be coached!  They can assist… from the novice, to the recreational and to the professional – I know where I sit!  The  aim is to coach you to run better, more efficiently and faster, with a reduced risk of injury.  They develop personalised coaching programs for you and guide you every step of the way.

Through the Running Analysis and Coaching Programs we will be able to:

  • Identify common running technique inefficiencies
  • Identify physical and movement inefficiencies
  • Spot basic technique errors in real-time
  • Correct running technique inefficiencies
  • Coach effective warm-up & warm down
  • Teach muscle activation and strength exercises
  • Teach methods of training the nervous system
  • Recommend physical exercises depending on personal needs


Helena Hemmink Dalmau will be carrying out the analysis.  Helena has a BSC in Sport Science by the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona and a Master Degree in Training and Sport Nutrition by the European University in Madrid.  In 2016 she obtained the Master Course in Running Technique at The Running School UK and now offers Biomechanical Running Analysis and Coaching Sessions in Palma de Mallorca.  Helena’s main passions are road cycling and trail running.  To book a session or learn a bit more about what the Running School is all about, visit www.bicimetrics.com.


Nerea Alonso

Since Nerea was a child, she has always participated in different types of sports and always imagined working in sport in some way.  She studied physiotherapy in Barcelona (for 4 years), and at the same time was involved in cycling as her brother was training to become a pro cyclist (her little guinea pig).  After a few years on the road with different professional cycling teams, Nerea went to Madrid to specialise in sport physiotherapy.  She then worked for the Spanish National Team.  At the moment she runs her own sport physiotherapy business here in Mallorca & works for Cycling Ireland.  She supports the Irish team at all the big professional cycling competitions (track & road).  She was at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and is planning to be in Tokyo in 2020.  Nerea can be contacted via www.letsfisio.com


Joe Arrrindell Jr – Osteopath 

Joe is from St. Maarten in the Caribbean.  He studied physiotherapy, manual therapy and sports therapy in Holland and then continued his education in Specialised Training for professional athletes, mulligan therapy, dry needling, mental coaching & osteopathy.  He has worked for a number of pro cycling teams, including MTN Quebeka and I AM Cycling.  Now he sees a wide range of patients in his own practice here in Palmanova, from hard core athletes to the normal person off the street that needs treatment.  Joe can be contacted via www.carefourhealth.com.


Dan Marsh – Founder
Mobile +34616529111