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Get Your Happy On…PEACE

Greetings One and All,

it is that time of year…..the time where you look at what you discovered, saw and learnt. How are you? Did you enjoy it?

Another one rushes by like quick silver. What has it brought you? Can you remember it? Did you find moments of still and peace throughout the busy fizzy?

Peace what does that mean to you? Where and when do you feel and find it? What activities do you practise to increase it?

The dictionary describes

As a noun

  1. A state of tranquility or quiet.
  2. Freedom from disquieting, oppressive thoughts or emotions.
  3. In a state of concord or tranquility.

As a verb

To be, become or keep quiet or silent.

When you read those words can you relate to them? Do you experience them on a regular basis? Do you enjoy them? Or do you find it hard to sit still and feel that you are missing out on something, wasting time? What about the chatter in your head? Is it a Greek chorus of cheer, woe or quiet?

In the daily life there tends to be a lot going on, with varied work hours, multiple careers, overstimulation from tech interaction, poor sleep and information overload. What filters do we use to keep ourselves balanced? Nature? Reading a book? Some form of mindfulness? Is sleep the only place you get it?  The quality of life is dependent on the quality of our mind, so learn to refine your mind… a wise teacher once said.

When we are over stimulated the body will live in a state of being “switched on”. Chemically speaking this is the flight and fight mechanism which is a primal part of our processes but is still alive and kicking today. The chemicals related are cortisol and adrenaline in simple speak it means ‘’I am under attack.’’ whether that is true or not the body thinks that because of the above. However having them on all the time keeps you in a state of alarm and inflammation, which is not healthy or restful. Last month I talked about the emotional body, learning to strengthen the way we respond to life with our emotions is a skill, if you are really stressed and upset it is very hard, nay impossible to make cognitive decisions because you are operating from the Amygdala (the flight and fight bit). The frontal hemispheres are where we make rational choices. How does one cultivate that?

How can peace relate to this? From a chemical view it will switch on your serotinin and endorphins which relaxes the the body and switch off the flight and fight.

How do I get more peace I hear you ask? Try this right now…

  1. Put your left hand on the centre of your chest just below your collarbone
  2. Imagine a SINE wave, INHALE UP the wave, EXHALE DOWN the wave
  3. Continue doing this for 2 minutes and start thinking about your favourite things

What did that feel like? If you tried it you just experienced a simple yet powerful moment of entrainment and a bit more. If you didn’t try it now and then read on.  The Sine wave is a pictorial of 7.83Hz this is also known and recognised as the Schumann resonance. In 1957 Winifried Otto Schumman discovered that Plant Earth vibrated around this frequency SO DO HUMANS and it is how it communicates with humans via the universal language of resonance.

When you practise the above, It feels like returning to a type of zero point gravity where the body is present, safe, calm and peaceful. Another example is the OM chant repeated produces the same 7.83Hz. When we can show up with presence with the afore mentioned qualities; instead of panic, we can navigate the situation much easier because we will be in the front part of the brain.

Everything in the Universe vibrates look at where the different emotions are which ones are you functioning from? On the vibratory scale Peace is the second to the top just before joy.

(This is where to insert the photo I just couldn’t find a way to put in (insert button not working)


If you would like to anchor in deep peace and calm regularly and easily start doing the 1/2/3 above at least 3 times a day for 3 minutes …set your timer and  if would like to know more about it check out www.heartmath.com

Intrepid explorers I bid you good cheer whether in heat or cold, good will to you all. May the rest of the month practising as I affectionately call  “the happy wave”; bring you delicious moments of  peace…. You might be surprised at what you see when you slow it down.


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