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Generation Graphics: Marine Wrapping Specialists

Generation Graphics, a marine wrapping specialist has expanded its coverage to Palma and further afar.

The marine vinyl wrapping specialists have recently completed projects across Palma including the latest hull & interior wrap in Port Cala Nova. A tired Princess V58, recently underwent a refit and surface work. This meant that a vinyl wrap was required. A two day transformation included detailing work and stripe replacement along with the popular request of the hull to be wrapped.

Along with the V58 wrap, Generation carried out the interior works to the SL 104. The much

requested task of a galley wrap to an original surface of stainless steel. This is a Chef’s worst nightmare with common problems of oil/ grease stains along with markings. A quick and fully reversible process carried out by the team meant that the area will retain value along with the day to day running made easier.

Generation solely focus on the marine industry as we pride ourselves on being specialists and the go to wrapping company within Europe. Our services are commonly requested prior to the season starting or when a boat is considering refit.

Our scope of works mean that there is a cost effective solution to every part of a boat. Whether that be a hull wrap, interior works or even simple detailing such as hull stripes. Generation’s minimal disruption services mean that a quick and quality transformation can be achieved which are usually 40-60% less expensive when compared to similar processes. The transformations only take a matter of days, meaning that down time is minimum, along with costs. Generation work in collaboration with many refit companies based in the Balearics, meaning that the trade is becoming ever more popular with Generation becoming the island’s go-to marine wrappers.

Generation offer a variety of services including: Hull & Superstructure wraps, colour bands, interior wrapping, hull stripes, general vinyl decals & graphic works. With our specialist team trained within the marine industry, we can give projected life spans of hull wraps and other works. Generation give a 1 year warranty on all works with expected life spans of hull wraps to last anywhere between 5-7 years and interior transformations lasting anywhere between 10-14 years.

Not only are the services Generation offer are providing a purpose to the clients but also serve protection to original surfaces against general wear and tear along with sun damage. All works are fully reversible meaning that re-sale value is kept to a premium.