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19 April Flying Mantis photo shoot

Fun, Flexible, Foiling Into The Future

Superyacht Tenders and Toys are often approached about new toy concepts and are involved in the evolution of these, often getting involved in bringing them into the superyacht market. At present there has been a real emphasis on foiling, whether this be tenders, electric surfboards or sailboats. The advantages of foiling are very simple, as you can go a lot faster due to the decreased drag, as seen on recent Americas Cups and yacht racing. Until now this has remained a high skill level activity for the more experienced. We are pleased to be able to introduce the Flying Mantis, designed from the outset to be a high performance boat that everyone can enjoy.

The latest exciting toy for 2019 is the Flying Mantis. This is a very high end, British made trimaran foiling sailing dinghy. It is built out of carbon and can be customised to yachts wishes in colours, logos and details as required. Being built in carbon the whole boat weighs around 85kg (hulls 50kg), meaning it is easily handled by crew, with removeable outriggers and trampolines that are quick to assemble.

The Flying Mantis is designed to be sailed with a conventional daggerboard that can be swapped for a central T-foil, to go foiling. This gives clients a very unique boat, which can be sailed in multiple configurations and conditions. Being a trimaran with aerodynamic floats each side of the central hull the boat is incredibly stable at slow speed helping build confidence. This usability is ideal for superyachts who have a variety of guests and owners that have differing skill levels, meaning they can have one boat that will do all. Learn to sail then add the foils when confidence increases and fly along at 25 knots! It is a great boat that any sailor can enjoy able to take a sizable weight range, up to 120kg. One of the most significant aspects for a superyacht is the ease of assembly, rigging and going from stowed to sailed. The boat has been brought about from concept to reality with the view of making it the easiest boat possible to use and thus increase sailors time on the water and enjoyment.

19 April Flying Mantis photo shoot

Superyacht Tenders and Toys have sold a number of foiling moths and Waszp dinghies to experienced clients on board their yachts in the past, but these are really only for the very experienced. We are therefore very excited to be able to bring something which is built to superyacht standards of finish, that can be sailed by a large range of clients with a maximum thrill in all conditions outlook. If you were to have one dinghy on a yacht, then this is it, as backed up by the award of Dinghy of the Year 2018 in the British Yachting Awards.

21 April Flying Mantis photo shoot

Superyacht Tenders and Toys are able to offer customised versions of the boat in 8-12 weeks from order. All boats come with all storage bags, client handover and full support as standard. There are very few new concepts we support and having trialled these over the last year and seen the attention to detail and an ‘only use the best’ approach we feel we are in a position to recommend the Flying Mantis. A test boat is available at SYTT UK.

19 April Flying Mantis photo shoot