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From sunny Palma to snowy Sweden with Porche

The “Refit” shipyards and facilities have seen it all! During the last three decades, throughout the Mediterranean, we have seen all the yachts there are to see to understand the most important pros and cons of their original construction. We have faced all the problems and issues and received the feedback from the Crew and Owners and, together, we have filtered out what works and what doesn’t. And if doesn’t work, we have had to come up with a better solution fast!

This knowledge is derived from many locations around the globe; from shipyards in China to well-known yacht builders in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the US.  They all have, sooner or later, made a pit-stop in one of the main Mediterranean hubs and, it is then, when the phone rings.

On the other hand, New Builds are showing us the way in how it all starts with good design, engineering and planning and the importance of these aspects when delivering large-scale projects.

When we bring both schools of learning together, the lines between what can be done in a “New Build” Shipyard and what can be done in a “Refit” Shipyard are now a lot closer together.

Here at Iddes we have had an in-depth opportunity to be involved with new Dutch construction projects. We have also seen yachts cut in half in Palma for extensions; we are engaged in designing high performance sailing yachts and even setting up a shipyard in a military mountain in Sweden to fulfil an Owners wish to build the first luxury catamaran designed by Porsche.

This has given Iddes a broad view and has allowed us to pin-point some of the most important aspects related to any given project, from a small outfitting upgrade to a new construction.

Our experience has allowed us to arrive at one fundamental principle; everything starts, and the best outcomes are achieved, with good design and engineering understanding.

At Iddes we emphasize integrated design and engineering at all stages of a project. This enables us to quickly and creatively come up with well-engineered solutions. By doing this in-house we regularly deliver added value to our new construction or refit project support. Also, good engineering, design and pre-planning will allow and support the Mediterranean to confidently accommodate a new wave of large-scale refits.

“New Build” shipyards will also continue to learn from “Refit” expertise joining new construction projects to boost their overall understanding, which they can then apply to new construction projects and use as a foundation for further innovation.

Our long established relationships with local and international contractors and shipyards allows us to work in collaboration to improve the overall speed, quality and cost, from small to large projects and widening, at the same time, the range of projects we can, together, undertake; an added value of a good design and engineering; This will also allow for major installation providers to benefit from their offsite manufacturing, or other preparation processes that they are accustomed to, when carrying out a new build project.

This, coupled with the already established benefits of refits, will strengthen the industry and allow Clients to consider their home-bases as the place to completely redo an interior, upgrade complete systems or carry out major structural works.

At Iddes we will continue to offer future and existing projects our expertise gained from new constructions and refit projects, and our Owners will benefit directly from our experienced design and engineering led methodology!

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