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From Ship To Shore: Charlotte Painter

How long did you work in yachting?

I worked on Yachts for 9 years on both Sail and Motor, Private and Charter.


Can you tell me about your yachting career – highlights, low points?

Like a lot of people, I stumbled into the yachting industry.

I was working in the Canary Islands and meet a lovely young American couple who had circumnavigated their 43 ft yacht, they were in Gran Canary getting the yacht ready for the Atlantic crossing. I was full of questions about their trip, and life on the seas.

Just before they were to depart they asked me to join them. Before this, I think the only boat I had been on was a barge on the Norfolk Boards.

We set off on a 22 day crossing to Trinidad, I learned very fast how to be a sailor.

It was only when I arrived in the Caribbean that I found out about the Yachting industry and new that joining a yacht was the next step.

I headed for Antigua, where I joined S/Y Lady Francesca with Captain Jamie Painter whom later became my husband and we have been together for 20 years.



Having Prince Reina and the whole Monaco Royal family onboard.

Having the chance to visit some amazing places.

Lucky to have some great owners that we worked for over the years.

Making some amazing friends for life, from all parts of the world.


Never sailing South of the Equator


How did you know it was time for you to make the move to land?

In 2005 at the beginning of the Mediterranean season onboard M/Y Odyssey, I found out I was pregnant. I managed to complete the very busy charter season and in October we return to Palma, ready to make a home.


What was the most difficult thing about the transition?

The transition wasn’t that hard, the first couple of years were very busy with a new family but I always kept myself connected with the yachting industry doing guardiange work and relief positions on yachts in the winter time.


What was the best thing about it?

Nothing can prepare you for parenthood but it’s the best thing in the world. Although the early years the Childrea can be more demanding than some charter guests.


What do you miss most about yachting?

I have always enjoyed great cuisine and wine, so It was always nice sailing into new Ports or visit a new place to try the local cuisine and if there was time to jump on a moped and explore the area.


What do you do now?

In 2013 was ready to find full-time employment as my boys were older.

I was lucky to hear from a Maltese friend that a Company called Salvo Grima from Malta were wanting to open their wine provisioning company Number Twelve here in Mallorca, They had  recently opened in Malta and were looking to expand.

It was an ideal job, I would still be involved with the yachts and also include a passion of mine – WINE.

In May 2013, was the start of Number Twelve Fine wines and Provisions in Mallorca.

I think the experience I have agained from my years onboard yachts gives me the knowledge to help fellow stewardesses in selecting the correct wine and spirits for their yacht, as well as help with suggestions when receiving a vague preference sheet for a charter.

In these 5 years, we have built up an amazing wine cellar here in Palma de Mallorca with a great selection of top wines and spirits ready for delivery.


Do you have any advice for fellow yachties about going land-based?

Find a job or project you are passionate about and make sure the sea is never too far away from you.


Number Twelve Fine Wines