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flying fifteen Mallorca


11 December – Liga de Tardor


Sunday dawned without a breath of wind, leaving the cruisers and flying fifteens waiting for even a zephyr. An hour and a half after the programmed start time, the sun went behind clouds and the wind finally filled from the north. However, only four of the cruisers had the patience to wait – paella beckoning no doubt!


The committee set a brilliant course, using the breadth of Pollença bay, upwind – downwind. The start was unusual, holding most of the boats near the committee end. There was a major shift at start time, and Triffid took full advantage, surging into an early lead. She was still first to the top mark, about two minutes ahead of the other four flying fifteens, with the newly renovated Ffugue bringing up the rear. Downwind, Ffugue passed the other three boats, but ran out of racecourse, finishing a close second behind the uncatchable Triffid. Dragonfly, Spanish Fly and Stormtrooper all sailed well and everyone finished, pleased that they had the patience to wait for what was eventually a good wind. As always, our thanks to RCNPP and Carlos.



1 January – New Year’s Day race

Six hardy crews turned out for the traditional New Years race. Mike had set a three leg course, first to Bon Aire, next Formentor, and finally back to the harbour entrance. First across the line was Dragonfly – unsurprising, as she was the start boat! The rest of the fleet followed shortly after, on a tight leg to Bon Aire. Michael Clough and Emily Pyne, in Speedy Gonzales took second, with Ffugue just behind.


Leg two was a spinnaker reach to Formentor Island. Ffugue had problems with the spinnaker and was last off the line. However, she recovered and passed everyone on the way to the island. Unfortunately, the fickle winds in the narrow channel saw the stop and watch everybody sail past them, Ffiel Good finishing first, then Sue and Alan in Heaven Sent, with Speedy Gonzales third.


The fleet the adjourned to a small harbour in the bay, where they stayed longer than originally planned – the cava may have had something to do with that! Eventually starting the homebound leg, winds were light and it was dark in the shadow of the mountains. As the fleet came around Punta de l’Avançada, they sailed into the setting sun, and the last of the wind. Ffiel Good and Ffugue fought for the lead, with Scott and Andy just holding it on the line. Dragonfly was so keen to get to the finish line that she grounded on the corner of the harbour entrance, but was unable to catch Speedy Gonzales who finished third.


1 GBR 3763 Ffiel Good Scott Walker / Andrew Harvey 7
2 ESP 3804 Speedy Gonzales Michael Clough / Emily Pyne 8
3 ESP 3600 Dragonfly Michael Beecken / Marco Haack 9
4 ESP 3598 Ffugue John Walker / Francisco Gadala-Maria 11
5 GBR 3471 Triffid Stephen Parry / Teresa Parry 14
6 GBR 3420 Heaven Sent Sue Foreman / Alan Foreman 14



ffugue – updating a Coryn


We’re working hard on ffugue; mast changed and updated, now about 5 kg lighter. Started with new adjustable spreaders from P&B – these are amazing, adjustable length and angle, beautiful engineering. The new mast is rock solid laterally in the gate, so no further changes there. Mast ram tackle updated and calibrated for the new mast – we now have full fore & aft and bend control.


We rove all new halyards; 4mm Dyneema main, P&B jib halyard with Dyneema tail, and 4mm Vectran spinnaker halyard. For now, we’re leaving the spinnaker pole uphaul outside the mast, to reduce complexity inside. Also because we want to find the optimum exit position so that pole can launch with height pre-set and no further adjustment needed. We’ve re-rove the spinnaker halyard pump, and looking at ways to get a “one handful” hoist…


New Spinnakers tweakers – 3mm Dyneema spliced to Ronstan shock sheaveless blocks. These match the Dyneema sheets and carbon pole perfectly. We have new toestraps (thanks for building them Mary!), one end fixed to carbon console, and adjustable from side decks.


Jib sheets are tracks were fine, and will work with the 2017 sail too. An afternoon under the floor improved control line leads, and took out nearly a kilo of excess lines and redundant blocks – all good there now.


Steve Goacher is building us a new-rules full hoist jib, requested for our crew weight, and five other boats are joining our order. The existing main and spinnaker are fine, and we won’t be changing until we’ve got the most out of the boat as she is.


Next phase will be keel fairing, rudder and hull polish…



We’ll be publishing the 2017 calendar on our website http://flyingfifteen.mallorcaservice.de and also Facebook @f15spain.