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Flying Fifteen Mallorca 2018

flying fifteen Mallorca


As the 2018 starts, thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions, and starting something different. How about racing a flying fifteen? This is probably the best value for money sailing in Mallorca, and costs a lot less than you think! We have a wide range of ages, nationalities and professions in the fleet, including many pro yachties.


So how do you get started? Well, the quickest – and cheapest! – way is to come and join as crew – just contact us through our website or on Facebook at f15Spain. If you’re more experienced, we have a club boat which you can use to get on the water, again we’ll be pleased to help.


So, what to do once the bug has bitten? Well, there are two routes, crew or helm. Most times, crews don’t own the boat, so the costs are low. If you decide to buy a boat, you can get on the water for as little as €2,500 – plus a few weekends’ work to clean up and tune it. One of the great things about the flying fifteen is that, being a one-design, older boats are still able to compete with the newest ones, so racing is close and competitive. A suit of new sails will cost a bit, but again older sails will still get you on the water, and many of our fleet are willing to come to an arrangement for their used sails when they get a new set.


If you race regularly, we get a discounted rate of €80 a year (not a month) for boat storage – which include our own crane to get the boats in the water. Compulsory insurance should cost less than €70 annually, and that’s about it for fixed costs. Most of the club-organised regattas don’t have an entry fee, and even Palma Vela was only €90 last year. Class subscription is €25 per boat.


So, if you include a bit of maintenance, you would be able to run a flying fifteen for less than €50 a month. Beat that anywhere else!


11 November – Liga de Tardor 4, Pollensa


We again saw 7 flying fifteens competing, with five cruisers in their category. The course was to Formentor island and back, with two laps, and separate fleet starts.


Ffugue was late at the start, having been checking the spinnaker, and met the fleet coming up towards them! However, this was to prove advantageous, as they were able to see the wind changing, and after rounding the first mark, stayed low and pulled out ahead of the fleet. Rounding Punta de la Avançada, and hardening up, fuego fatuo and Stormtrooper stayed higher and closed up. They all had a challenging close reach in the fresh breeze, and arrived at the mark close together.


Coming back towards the club, it was clear that a second lap would take us well past sunset, and the race officer prepared to move the mark from Formentor once the last cruiser had passed it. The leading flying fifteens had now rounded the next mark, and were heading back to Punta de la Avançada – with no mark yet laid. As they reached the corner, the RIB appeared, and dropped the mark – then rushing across to Stormtrooper to tell them of the change. A close tussle between Stromtrooper and fuego fatuo followed, with the latter taking the win. In the fickle airs, Dragonfl;y slipped between them, finishing second, whilst ffugue was passed by Triffid.


1 GBR 3577 Fuego Fatuo John Walker / Francisco Gadala-Maria
2 ESP 3600 Dragonfly Michael Beecken / Marco Haack
3 ESP 3610 Stormtrooper lll David Mile s / Corinne Onvlee


25 November – Liga de Tardor 5, Pollensa


The final race of the series saw six flying fifteens on the water, and four cruisers. There was a strong breeze before the start, with some gusts over 25kn. The course was to be an up and down, with a mark near the sailing school, and another off Bon Aire.


With the wind still strong, the fleet set up for a committee boat start. Fuego fatuo was late and was forced into an embarrassing position, slotting onto a non-existent gap. Although first at the top mark, Speedy Gonzales overtook on the spinnaker hoist, and slipped ahead. Most of the fleet stayed close, on what was almost a 180º run. Coming up the beat, most of the fleet went up the middle, with no real position changes. The wind was dropping, and light fading, so the RIB rushed off to Bon Aire, setting what looked to be a finish line. However, when the flying fifteens arrived, there were no guns, and we took off on another beat in lightening winds. Coming in to the harbour area, the wind all but vanished, and positions were turned upside down. Meanwhile, the race officer had realised that we would be finishing before the cruiser fleet reached Bon Aire, and rushed to set a line off the sailing school. By now Speedy was crossing the line, and those on the north side had slipped ahead of the earlier leaders, Stormtrooper second and the Dragonfly. For the first time, we put our boats away in the dark!


1 ESP 3804 Speedy Gonzales Michael Clough / David Allen
2 ESP 3610 Stormtrooper lll David Miles / Corinne Onvlee
3 ESP 3600 Dragonfly Michael Beecken / Marco Haack


Next up         


2 January New years Regatta Pollensa
13 January St Antony Regatta Pollensa
20 January Liga de Invierno 1 Pollensa
3 February Liga de Invierno 2 Pollensa
17 February Liga de Invierno 3 Pollensa

Hope to see you there!


We’ve published the first part of the 2018 calendar on our website http://flyingfifteen.mallorcaservice.de and also Facebook @f15spain.