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Flying Fifteen Mallorca

17 August – Michael Clough Trophy

 The Michael Clough trophy is sailed on the weekend closest to his birthday, this year August 17-18. As usual, we were given a series of unusual sailing instructions including: mainsail only, spinnaker & main, no tacking – gybes only. Beyond that, in one race the boats could elect which way to go around the course. In the end, everybody had fun, although some got confused – Hugh completing a tack in the middle of the “wear ship” race.

6 Races were scheduled for Saturday. Some with only mainsail, some with spi and main, another one with only gibes allowed. Some started to windward and some to leeward and in another one the start direction could be chosen by the crew. Despite the confusion, Wight Flyer and Speedy Gonzales both took 3 firsts each, and neither had a position below third.

We were treated to a great barbecue hosted by the Michaels – Mr Beecken hosting and Mr Clough catering – although with most of his family there, this was well delegated! It also was the birthday of Steve Parry’s wife Mary, so a double celebration. She and Teresa had baked some wonderful cakes for us. Jose Montero treated us to some popular songs with his marvellous opera voice, doubling the pleasure! Thanks everyone for a great evening!

The Sunday races were three up and downs, with first and second again shared by Wight Flyer (2 first) and Speedy (1 first). As is usual with this regatta, the prizes were awarded with little relationship to the actual positions on the water, but for the record:


1 ESP 3728 Wight Flyer Stephen Parry / Philip Parry 14
2 ESP 3804 Speedy Gonzales Michael Clough / Thatersal 16
3 ESP 3600 Dragonfly Michael Beecken / Steffi Lehmann 34


As usual, this was a great weekend which everyone enjoyed – on and off the water.


24 August – Trofeo Cormorán

RCNPP’s annual Trofeo Cormonán is a great event, sailed in both Pollensa bay and further afield towards Alcudia.

The cruisers do one long race, to Alcanada and back, whilst this year the flying fifteens were to race to a mark east of the lighthouse. There were tussles all the way, with Michael Clough coming out on top, ahead of Dragonfly and then Hugh in ESP.

The return to Pollensa was to finish next to the harbour of Pollensa. Dragonfly took first, followed by Hugh and Helena in ESP. Michael Clough had a few problems with the low wind around Cabo Pinar and finished third.

On the Sunday, Michael Clough couldn’t make it, however, Steve Parry wanted to practice with a single ended spinnaker pole, so Stephen B agreed to sail with him in fuego fatuo. The first race started on time, so fuego and Triffid both crossed the line five minutes late. This proved to be an advantage, as the Steves were able to watch the cruisers, and the other flying fifteens who had headed to the south shore, lose the wind. fuego stayed in the centre of the bay with more wind and favourable shifts, arriving at the top mark some three hundred metres ahead of ESP. They chose a gybe set to stay the middle of the bay and started passing the cruisers. ESP stayed north and gybed far later, so she picked up a favourable shift and gained a hundred metres, finishing second. Dragonfly took third ahead of Triffid.

For the second race, everyone elected on the pin end, which was still about 80 metres favoured. Hugh got a perfect start, with fuego just behind. The fleet stuck to the centre, and had a good race to the top, ESP coming out just ahead. Down the run, fuego recovered well, but ran out of racetrack, finishing two boat lengths behind EPS and ahead of Dragonfly.

Hugh’s consistency paid off, and he won the series, with Dragonfly second and fuego third – despite carrying 2 DNC’s. We enjoyed racing with the RCNPP cruiser fleet and had a great weekend – thanks to Joan and the team!


1 ESP 3432 ESP HighWilson / Helene Bastos  8
2 ESP 3600 Dragonfly Michael Beecken / Steffi Lehmann  9
3 ESP 3577 Fuego Fatuo Stephen Babbage / Stephen Parry 11


As I write this, we’re at the Worlds in Dun Laoghaire, full report next month.


Next up        

 5 October Trofeo Australia Pollensa
18 October Balearic Championships Pollensa
 9 November Liga de Otoño 1 Pollensa


Our 2019 calendar is on our website http://flyingfifteen.mallorcaservice.de
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Stephen Babbage