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FJORD, the original authentic day yacht with over 12 years of experience

Like anything authentic in this world, supercars, fine art or precision watches, nobody wants to feel as though they bought a copy of the original, and they certainly don’t want others to think they don’t own the real thing. I mean, who wants to own a Bolex?

So let’s take a look at the yachts which started the dayboat concept for real – FJORD.

When Fjord started the day-boat ‘movement’ they realised quickly that owners wanted to change the type of boating experience and therefore didn’t want multi-cabin yachts for ‘long-distance’ cruising but just wanted larger deck and social spaces to hop comfortably between restaurants, bars and bays around the Balearic region. And more importantly to do this with family, friends and have fun in safety with easy handling and in style.

This led to the day boat concept and then the revolution started with a range from Fjord Yachts. Developed from the reinvigorated Fjord brand name and later acquired and still supported today by the huge Hanse Yacht Group, Fjord continues to go from strength to strength.

With the launch of the new Fjord 52, and most recently presented at the 2020 Düsseldorf boat show with a newly designed interior, this day yacht continues to set the standards which others try to follow.

Oliver Frols, CEO of Marivent Yachts (the world largest Fjord dealership) commented, “Although many say that being copied is a compliment, we still truly believe in the fact that there is still only one original fully walk-round dayboat, and we continue to see clients wanting the original concept of Fjord Yachts. Not only As they are sometimes worried about an extensive and knowledgeable after sales service with others but they are keen to benefit from our many years of technical development and expertise that comes with buying an authentic brand like Fjord”

Not only are Oliver Frols comments supported by the sales in the larger Fjord Yachts like the Fjord 52 Open, but this is also proven in the popularity of the rest of the range. From the launch of the new Fjord 38 XP with a fixed hard top, to the new Fjord 41 and Fjord 44 Open, the range still continues to be the benchmark in standards for premium day yachts.

Fjord 42 open

Frols continues, “We continue to work with the Fjord and Hanse design teams to develop enhancements and technologies which our clients ask for and need. Our success has always been based on listening to our clients needs and reacting to them quickly. We will continue to do this in the development of new technologies and in our role with the development of new Fjord yachts which are to be introduced to the range. One more recent and very practical introduction we have made in our offering is to be able to monitor our clients yachts systems remotely from our test centres in Mallorca and Ibiza. This in itself is a very practical way in making sure our clients enjoy more time on the water rather than worrying about either preparation or maintenance issues. MARIVENT YACHTS is the biggest dealer World wide of FJORD since 2014 and extended its network with great partners in GERMANY, UK and BENELUX, which gives us the ideal combination for international quality services. One of the key highlights of FJORD and their 12 years experience is the excellent value, which has maintained FJORD over the years. This shows the strength of an original brand and give our clients the best value proposition over many years.

Another advantage of buying and dealing with an original concept, is that Fjord, through Marivent Yachts in the Balearics, have had many years to establish not only an exceptional network of technicians, sales and support staff to look after your day boat but they also give you facilities and technical operational support during the winter period – this is done with a huge winter storage facility on Mallorca and now in Ibiza as well as in Barcelona. The FJORD presence in the Balearic Islands is far over 150 boats, which we are proud of, because this is very much driven by our clients recommendations to other friends, for us this says it all.”

So it seems the original dayboat brand of Fjord goes from strength to strength, even with rumours of a new Fjord 70 on the table for launch in a couple of seasons. Customers interest locally and internationally is continuing to peak in the brand as their desires continues to gravitate towards owning authentic and original, rather than an inferior copy, so no desires for a ‘Bolex’ here then!

If you’d like to know more about the first and original dayboat brand, you can contact Oliver Frols at Marivent Yachts on +34 670 760 569 oliver@fjordyachts.de Or Malcolm Moss +34 607 380 101 malcolm@fjordyachts.de