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Fitness tips and techniques with BT23 Fitness

Welcome back to another session from BT23 Fitness, in this months issue we will be doing a HIIT session, (High Intensity Interval Training) using nothing but our own bodyweight.

HIIT is such an efficient way of training cardio and building endurance, with the average session taking between 20/30 minutes its a great form of training for anyone who’s restricted on time, but need to get their heart rate going and get a good sweat on.

This Month we have 5 exercises varied for a full body workout, you’ll spend 45 seconds on each exercise, 10 seconds max break between exercises and a 1 minute break once a round is completed. 4 rounds in total making this session last between 20-25 minutes.

So in summery:

  • 5 exercises
  • 4 rounds
  • 45 secs exercise, 10 sec recovery (max) between exercises
  • 1 min (max) rest between rounds

Press up: starting in a plank, hands directly below the shoulders, engage the core as you start to bend the elbows, keeping the chest level with the hips, once your chest is just off of the floor drive through the palms back up into the starting plank position.

Regression: Rolling press up, using the same form as the press up except we are balanced on our knees  crossed legs at the back and roll through the knees on the way down and back up, see image for reference.

Walk outs:  From a standing position we bring our hands to the ground and walk out into a plank position, hold for a second and the reverse the movement back into a standing position, make sure you are stood back upright before going into the next rep.

Squat jump: from a standing position engage the core, push the hips back and keeping the weight in the heels drop down into a seated position, once held drive the force through the heels jump up into the air and as you land control yourself back into that squatted position.

Bicycles: laying on our back raise the legs and shoulders just off of the ground rotate one shoulder around to meet the opposite knee in the middle while keeping the other leg extended straight out and just off of the floor.From this position reverse the movement and extend the bent knee out and bend the extended knee whilst rotating the shoulders around the other way.

High knees: running on the spot bring the knees as high as possible keep the core engaged and use the hands to help with the momentum of the movement

For more info on BT23 Fitness follow on Instagram @BT23_Fitness or go to: https://bt23fitness.wordpress.com