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February – when real health goals are achievable….

January was the time for setting new goals and plans, but often the resolutions made in the quest for a ‘healthier you’ can actually hinder and keep you further from your goal!

Here are recommendations that could help you towards your health & wellbeing goals for the whole year ahead…

1)     DON’T swap full sugar drinks for diet versions – Diet drinks may not contain sugar but instead are packed with artificial sweeteners.  Most studies now show that artificial sweeteners can still cause weight gain, and commonly associated with other unwanted side effects.  DO swap sugary drinks for pure vegetable and fruit juice, or filtered water (with lemon) instead.

2)     DON’T choose margarine instead of butter – For years now fats have been labelled the bad guys, hence why many choose to replace butter with margarine.  They may be lower in fat but it’s an artificial type of fat that your body probably doesn’t know what to do with.  And your body does actually need the fats found in butter. DO enjoy butter, but a bit less.

3)     DON’T keep your goals secret in case you don’t achieve them – Telling other people about your goals is a great way to help you achieve them.  Creating a commitment and it’s much more likely to happen.  If you’re serious about making some positive changes, don’t keep it quiet! DO spread the word –increasing your likelihood of success.

4)     DON’T give up alcohol / chocolate / caffeine all at once – If you’ve decided your health would benefit from having less of any or all of the above (and I totally agree!) don’t go cold turkey (unless it’s a serious problem).  DO choose a realistic goal with a series of small steps

5)     DON’T choose 0% products – Unfortunately, zero fat or low fat products (like yoghurt) are usually packed with sugar and or artificial sweeteners to compensate for the lack of taste.  DO choose the full fat versions and eat less.

6)     DON’T eat less to lose weight – To lose weight, most people actually need to eat more not less.  It’s the quality of food not the quantity that’s most important when it comes to losing weight, so DO eat regularly (3 meals and 3 snacks daily). This is absolutely crucial when it comes to encouraging your body to let go of fat.

7)     DON’T cut out snacks – Eating regularly is crucial for weight loss and can help to reduce cravings. Supporting sports and workouts is vital too.  DO choose healthy options like a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts, hummus and carrot sticks, nut butter and oatcakes.

8)   DON’T ditch the yoga and do cardio instead – With our fast-paced lifestyles it’s never been more important to include a regular time for deep relaxation practices.  Chronic stress has become a major problem and often lies at the root of many common chronic diseases.  And whilst heart pumping cardio workouts are great for you, a healthy balance that includes relaxing types of exercise will benefit you greatly! DO include relaxation time.


For the month of February, I am sponsoring and supporting Radio One Mallorca’s Biggest Looser Competition 

With a personal trainer and my nutritional guidance we are kick-starting your weight loss and life-balance for the whole year ahead.

For more details, or private consultancies contact Suzanne Garaty 647397501