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EXTENDER: Folding Tender Rib


Unique of their kind, Extender are the first folding tenders with rigid keel made of rubber and fiberglass designed to occupy reduced space on board and to offer more space once unloaded to water.


Extender tenders are manufactured in Italy by the company founded in 2013 by Giancarlo Storti, chairman and technical director.


The aim is to create unique products, totally made to measure and customizable in colors and finishing, to enable yachtowners to equip their vessels with a comfortable tender, suited to the dimensions of the yacht and number of the guests, without occupying too much space on board.


The innovative patented locking system ensures, once the tender is open, all the safety and the performances of a traditional RIB of the same size. They have been designed and tested to withstand the most extreme stress..



Various options are available, such as teak covering, awnings, stainless steel roll-bar, wakeboard hooks, etc. To make the best use of space, gaining comfortable and safe seats, Extender can be supplied with the never seen single or double side seats fitted into the tubulars or the central bench seat.


Extender lines includes outboard engine models like EXT 610 (3.90 m once folded), EXT 520 (3.30 folded) and EXT 430/460/490 which respectively fold up to 2,72 m – 3,02 m – 3,32 m which have been especially engineered for sail boats or motor yachts with restricted weight limits. While maintaining the key features of higher size tenders (in particular passengers’ safety thanks to the cockpit depth) they are infact “lightweight”. Even their internal structure and their design have been engineered to limit weight: a new manual closing system instead of the electrical one, a more minimalist silhouette, whole and not divided tubes. In Extender “family” also an hydro-jet engine model, the EXT 640 Idro (4.30 m folded).



Technical details EXT 430 EXT 460 EXT 490 EXT 520 EXT 610 EXT 640 Idro
L.O.A. open 4.32 m 4.62 m 4.92 m 5.20 m 6.10 m 6.40 m
L.O.A. closed 2.72 m 3.02 m 3.32 m 3.30 m 3.90 m 4.30 m
Beam O.A. 1.75 m 1.75 m 1.80 m 2.10 m 2.30 m 2.30 m
Min. height closed 1.00/1.10 m (depending on motor) 1.00/1.10 m (depending on motor) 1.10 m 1.23* m 1.32 m 1.32 m
Weight 230 Kg (without motor) 250 Kg (without motor) 270 Kg (without motor) 460 kg (without motor) 580 kg (without motor) 1200 Kg (with motor)
Max. power 40 HP 40 HP 50 HP 80 HP 100 HP 200 HP