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Extend your yacht without an expensive refit

Screenshot 2017-04-25 20.13.08

NautiBuoys award winning platforms & docks are fast becoming that popular “must have” aboard and you can see why. Specially designed to extend the aft of any size yacht, the modular system enables you to customize the extension to suit your yachts needs without the need for heavy lifting.


With a variety of uses from a highly attractive and luxurious swim and sunbathing platform, to a jet-ski dock & watersport station or as a sturdy base for carrying out essential maintenance tasks the platforms appeal to owners and crew alike.


One year on from winning the prestigious deck category DAME design award, they have launched yet another modular addition to their inflatable range, the C-Dock, the docking station for Seabobs. and with rumoured new modular designs in the pipeline you can only wonder what is coming next.


Screenshot 2017-04-25 20.13.20What will you use yours for?

Our platforms and docks are designed to solve problems explains director Clay Builder, “Initially designed to protect the yacht as a jet-ski dock that could then double up as a maintenance raft (with the use of a rather clever cover), they have become so much more. “


“We have developed a range of leisure accessories so owners can extend their yacht and create their own beach club at water level without an expensive refit”


Screenshot 2017-04-25 20.13.32“The modular C-Dock addition now means the main ancillary toys of the vessel (jet- skis, Seabobs & SUP’s) can be kept all together in one watersports station, so they’re easy to access, right there on the water and ready to go.”


“Linked end-to-end they create a stable runway to the inflatable aqua park, anchor them off a beach and you have your own private swim island. You really can create any inflatable extension you desire.”



Screenshot 2017-04-25 20.13.39Easy to Move, Easy to Stow

Available in 4 sizes, the platforms can be used on their own or connected in a variety of different ways and with weights ranging from 22kg – 42kg they can easily be carried by just 2 crew members. They link together using their innovative “Air Toggle” entrapment free connection system, which has no mechanical or hard parts.


Due to their modular nature, instead of having one large cumbersome piece of equipment that is difficult to handle and store, the platforms are quick to inflate and deflate and can be retrieved and stored with short notice.


Plus, the flexibility of the connection system means you can customise the design to suit your yacht. NautiBuoys design team is on hand to help you work out the perfect configuration for you.



Screenshot 2017-04-25 20.13.49Superior Stability

When you see the platforms “in the flesh” you really can tell they have been designed by yachtsmen. The 40 litre Ballast bags, one on each corner, fill automatically and dump in one simple movement, the luxurious faux teak foam not only looks fabulous and in keeping with any yacht but is non-skid and comfortable underfoot too, there are no hard parts on the sides or undersides to mark the boat or scratch the deck, modular also naturally means you get multiple air chambers for your safety, they roll up like a carpet for ease of stowage so they can slide in under the rib or be placed in the sail locker, plus maximum inflation/deflation times are under 5 minutes.




Screenshot 2017-04-25 20.14.01Want to see them for yourself?

Eyos Tenders will be exhibiting the NautiBuoy range on their stand at the Palma boat show. Stand b-05


Alternatively Baxter Marine has a sample platform on display.


For more details Tel: +44 (0) 1803 863 233 or visit www.nautibuoymarine.com