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Explore Mallorca & Keep Fit

What if I said to you how do you feel about :

Using every muscle in your body

Burning a load of calories – especially fat

Having a really fun time

Challenging yourself

Working as a team and feeling like part of something

Vitamin D exposure and all its benefits ( strength, healing, bone density, happiness…)

Totally disconnecting

Combating depression and the reverse – a high release of endorphins or feel good hormones

Enjoy time in nature

Experiencing a kind of meditation

Enjoying a cultural experience

Seeing places you have never seen before and never thought existed

Finishing the day tired but feeling like you have accomplished something great

Be dying to try it again…


If this list appeals to you or even something in the list pushes a button somewhere, then find out how your time in Palma can be spent productively but in a fun way.

You and your boat crew can join up to adventure and experience the real Mallorca. One that you may not ordinarily see. It’s the perfect way to do some team building outside of work and form a stronger bond. It’s also a great activity to get involved in prior to hitting the bars


Please drop me a line to find out how you and or your crew or associates can get involved.

info@katiehandyside.com 0034 636 322 959 ( also on WhatsApp )




Easy to transport they come in metal, plastic coated and even material filled with sand, the kettlebell; one of the oldest strength training bits of kit known to man, dating right back to Roman times

Kettlebells are excellent for strength training providing more of a dynamic unstable object to push and press With. They challenge the grip more with their shape and dimension and can be tossed and swung to improve any athletic discipline , using primarily the from the ´hip snap´. They can also be used to strengthen the back and alleviate back pain when used properly.

If you have never been shown how to use the kettlebell then definitely have a coach to begin with. There are certain cue´s you need to know to be safe. Finally what you think you are doing and what you are actually doing can be two totally different things.


There are endless exercises you can perform and having a programme and instructional demonstration can open up a whole new training world to you.

The versatile and essential piece of fat burning , muscle building and endurance trainer for your tool kit that lasts forever .

Drop me a line if you would like some sessions, a programme for your boat workouts or any direction about anything mentioned above.