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EXERCISE: The 28 day challenge.


EXERCISE:   The 28 day challenge.




Ok guys – if you are stuck on the boat for a month , give this challenge a whirl.


Do the exercises everyday for a month and then change up your routine to avoid injury.


See how ripped you can get.


Try not to miss a day and schedule a time either first thing in the morning or lunchtime or some time of day when you are able to stick to a regular routine.


You can use the exercises as a warm up along with another exercise program to begin with.




You are going to pick three exercises.




1.Pull ups


These can be done on a mast, back of stairs, off a high table/desk with your legs bent behind you in a door way or rig up a pole between two elevated points.


To moderate this exercise , jump up but use your body to lower yourself back down, this is how to increase your strength and progress to a full body pull up.




2. Body weight squats, hands behind your head. Trying to get your flutes or backside all the way down toward the ground whilst maintaining a neutral spine.




3. Push ups. Elbows pointing at 45 degrees, arms should brush your sides. Do not flare your elbows out to the side.


To moderate the exercise, drop your knees and maintain neutral spine.




Begin day one with 10 repetitions and each day add 1 rep per exercises


Complete as many rounds as you can in your session.


Begin the program by completing each exercise slowly and with great form.


Keep adding in one rep each day until the end of the month!




Happy August!!








Apparently the latest research from the University of Carnegie Mellon found that fantasizing over your favorite foods and imagining yourself eating them repeatedly produced the same neural responses as physically eating the foods, repeated sessions of “imaginary eating” tended to make that food less appealing in reality.


According to the researchers the more imaginary M&Ms you visualize eating, the less you would eat in real scenarios.




Personally my tactic is that the more you think about something the more you want it ; mind programming. It’s ok to let yourself have a treat once in a while, have it, tick the box and then get straight back on to your healthy choices. Regardless of your body shape you should always be eating for energy, brain power and longevity (90% of the time)








Don t make the mistake of eating carbs prior to working out- you will never enable your body fat to utilize body fat stores for fuel.


Research now shows that there are performance enhancing sports benefits from not loading up on sugar prior to a workout, including increased endurance, increased fat oxidation and improved exercise capacity. In other words teach your body to burn body fat, have more energy and kick butt! Try fasted workouts first thing in the morning.














Matt from London our new trainer is introducing his new expertise from London:




TUESDAY EVENINGS ; 17:30- 18:30pm Accelerator circuit class


New design, achieve more in 30 minutes than you ever could have in one hour.


-Accelerated style working all of your energy systems leaving you with an increased metabolism, burning energy right through till the next day.




Contemporary, effective endurance training combined with fat burning.


Just 6 different exercises, with 6 minutes of activity over 30 minutes of work.




THURSDAYS : Kettlebells, Core and Metabolic training.






Beach Volley ball








Meeting place The Port Bar San Augustin






“ if its important to you , you will find a way….if not you will find an excuse”


Kristen Benson.




We have it all- its up to you to get involved!




Email; info@katiehandyside.com telephone 636 322 959.


Visit www.katiehandyside.com


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