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Home > Features > Exclusive Interview with Xisco Llabrés on the Balearic Yacht Show

Exclusive Interview with Xisco Llabrés on the Balearic Yacht Show

A new virtual fair in the industry taking place in October 2020

This year we have seen some of the biggest impacts in the market. How do you think The Balearics have been affected by the pandemic compared to other places?

The restrictions of movement and the effects that have taken place worldwide and in The Balearic Islands have been enormous, causing a drastic decrease in all activities related to the industry.

This situation, along with the uncertainty generated has created a huge impact in the industry; cancellation and delays in scheduled repair and maintenance, the decline of charter activity and fewer sales and distribution of nautical products. However, we are confident that the sector will recover in the second half of the year and that the season will be extended.

How have The Balearic Islands and the nautical companies here adapted to the change?

The Balearic Islands have adapted quickly to the changes we’ve seen this year and taken on the responsibility to control the situation as best as we can. Nautical companies and their employees are aware of the situation and have started to apply new health and safety policies to minimise the possible impacts.

What advantages do the Balearic Islands have compared to other places?

The Balearic Islands are a leading, consolidated tourist destination with sufficient resources and infrastructure to be able to recover activity with all the necessary security measures in place. The Government, associations and companies in the nautical sector are using all the necessary measures to guarantee and promote the Balearic Islands as a safe destination.

We heard you are creating a new online platform for the nautical industry which will be live for 365 days, what do you want to achieve with this?

In view of the recent difficulties in attending events, fairs and conferences, the Balearic Marine Cluster, together with the Mallorca Camara de Comercio and with help from the majority of associations in the sector, have pushed forward the initiative to create a virtual platform. This platform ‘Balearic Marine’ will give visibility to the sector and to The Balearic Islands for 365 days a year.

With this initiative, we aim to reach many more potential clients, to become a reference point for finding information on the sector and to position the Balearic Islands as an innovative and attractive destination.

Tell us about the Balearic Yacht Show you will be creating with the Balearic Marine platform?

The fair will take place in mid-October 2020 where visitors can attend conferences, events, training programs, awards ceremonies and many other activities. The Balearic Yacht Show will be an opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to have a program of events organised with the possibility for exhibitors to reach new potential customers and for visitors to get an inside view of the nautical companies in the Balearics. To find out more about the online show you can check the website: balearicyachtshow.org

How does the Balearic Yacht Show compare to others?

The show will be a unique experience where visitors can get insights into the nautical industry in The Balearic Islands like never before. The platform will be open throughout the year, so once the fair is over, we will continue to coordinate and disseminate content of interest to the sector. In addition, we are planning to hold several events prior to the start of the fair, which are sure to attract a wide audience interested in the sector.

Which market are you targeting with the online event?

We are planning to host events and content for all activities included in the nautical sector. There will be spaces dedicated to large and small boats, dry docks and nautical ports, as well as sales and distribution activities of nautical products, industrial service companies, management, charter and broker, among others.

What is your opinion about the future of the yachting industry in the Balearics?

This is a strategic industry in The Balearic Islands economy, so we must continue to improve the competitiveness of companies and promote and develop the Balearic Islands as a sustainable destination.

This August Port Adriano launches the 4th edition of the Aftersun Market

BYD member Port Adriano are preparing for their 4th edition of the Aftersun Market in their marina. This summer’s event comes with a brand-new theme; “street art” with a Mediterranean touch. This year Port Adriano have moved away from their traditional market but are still continuing to use the shipping containers as a seal of identity. The marina takes a step further by using the containers not only as a showroom but also as an artistic canvas.

There will be 20 unique shipping containers used as individual stalls with Mediterranean style products available to buy. From fashion to beauty to décor; discover some beautiful treats to take home with you. Urban artists will also be decorating 10 of the 20 sea containers which double up as an artboard.  An ideal plan for a warm summers evening.

This year’s market will take place over 4 weekends during July and August from 6.30pm to 11.30pm:

  • Friday 31st of July and Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of August
  • Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of August
  • Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of August
  • Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of August

We look forward to seeing you there!