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Every Yachtie Regrets Not Doing This Sooner

Working onboard a superyacht is one of the most exciting and exhilarating jobs that exist. Working in the industry is a continuous adventure. Waking up in a different country everyday, becoming acquainted with some of the worlds most influential people, and a never-ending summer are all serious perks of life onboard.

ACREW hosts complimentary, high–standard worldwide events which introduces professional development opportunities to superyacht captains and crew. The goal the company is trying to reach together with its partners, is to set a new standard for professionalism in superyachting. No matter what your position, the importance of continuing to develop yourself through diversifying your skillset is the key to feeling fulfilled. Learning is a lifelong endeavour for everyone, and superyacht crew have a duty to continuously improve their safety, security and hospitality skills and wider knowledge.

The learning sessions at our events are often department specific, allowing crew to learn from an expert in a particular field. Some of our partners offer crew members with professional advice, no strings attached. Trending topics include financial planning and how to invest well-earned salaries, as well as managing and understanding different personalities onboard.

The importance of crew events can be disregarded in the industry. These events create a space to connect with like-minded people who have already “walked a mile in your shoes”. By using your time wisely, you can gain huge knowledge. You can gain a truthful insight into industry topics and receive first-hand advice from other professionals in a similar role to yours. Share your own experience and the tips and tricks you’ve learnt during your time as a crew member.

During various superyacht shows (including Palma Superyacht Show), ACREW host popular Crew Lounges, providing a space for crew to relax and connect in their downtime. Making connections with other yacht crew adds an element of excitement to the nomad lifestyle. After all, after being at sea for several weeks, there is no better feeling than pulling into a port and seeing a superyacht that your friend works on already docked. ACREW events grant you with an opportunity to grow your network of friends in the industry.

In addition, these events are also a great space to meet captains and heads of departments (a.k.a. possible future employers). A group of well-respected captains are heavily involved in the development of ACREW, and thus the events attract many of similar calibre. Being a niche industry, a common form of recruitment in the yachting world is word of mouth. It isn’t necessarily what you know (or the certifications you have acquired) that will determine your success, but more who you have met and the impression you made on them. Join us at the next ACREW event, and acquaint yourself with some of the most well-known captains in the industry.

The ACREW team are looking forward to an exciting year of learning and making more connections. With 10 worldwide events planned for 2019, this will be the company’s busiest year yet. Visit our website at www.acrew.com to sign up for free and stay in the loop with where the next ACREW event is happening!


By Isabel Richardson, Marketing and Communications ACREW