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Home > Features > Es Raor – La Casa De Los Dos Pedros

Es Raor – La Casa De Los Dos Pedros

What a view, what a location, what a restaurant!

I love a view. I can’t help myself. I love the feeling of rounding a corner and being presented with that blue. Anyone who lives here will know the blue I mean. No matter how deep the water you can still see the sand and it turns the sea into a crystal clear aquamarine. It’s the kind of blue that happy places are painted in. Now, if you add to that view to good friends, a delicious lunch or dinner and a cold bottle of rosé, and well, this is one of the reasons why I, and many of the other million residents and 10 plus million tourists a year, visit this stunning island. Es Raor has all this and more!

The restaurant is situated in a 200 year old building with a stunning terrace that dominates the corner of the promenade over-looking Sa Dragonera, the sleeping dragon island, populated by thousands of wild and tame lizards. For 40 years it was known as El Pescador, The Fisherman, and was run by the locally loved, and sadly now passed, fisherman called Damian. Not realising it was closed, last year Pedro and Pedro arrived to celebrate one of their birthdays and discovered the place to be empty. Suddenly 25 years of dreaming of owning and running it became a reality and they stepped in to save this local institution. They have breathed a new lease of life in to the place, with a full renovation to the very heart of her. Named Es Raor after the local fish that can only be caught between the 1st August and 31st December, and as is considered part of the fabric of Mallorca, the restaurant is proving to be intrinsically intertwined in the fabric of Sant Elm.

You really see how truly Los Dos Pedros have been accepted by locals and visitors alike when our two hosts arrive at the venue during lunch. They casually entered and were immediately greeted by most of the tables as if they were long lost cousins. These two very handsome and dapper Captains from Mallorca and Madrid had a kind word and a smile for each and every guest, making all of us feel as welcome as if we had been invited into their own front room, which in a way I think we had been. And it’s not just Pedro and Pedro that make you feel special, each and every member of staff was incredible. They were hospitable and fun, and the service was impeccable.

To start, we were treated to a delicious array of tapas. From perfectly crafted croquetas and spicy pimentos padrón, to succulent deep-fried calamari, and a Moules-frites with a sauce that bread was simply made for, we were spoiled for choice. The quality and portion sizes were spot on and the accompanying bread and alioli was deliciously light and fluffy.

And then the mains arrived… between five of us we ordered a mixed blind paella, a wonderfully typical Mallorquian salt encrusted sea bass and a grilled turbot. The focus for our lunch was definitely on fish given the location, and we genuinely were not disappointed. My ever trusty photographer, and friend extraordinaire Anouska, and I shared the paella. It was full to brimming with squid, mussels, artichokes, green beans and every other delicious morsel you would expect from such a dish. The salt encrusted sea bass appeared with its typical pomp and ceremony. The contented noises around the table told me it can certainly take on Mallorca’s best when it comes to flavour and succulence. The final main was the Turbot and from the small bite that I was allowed by my editor-in-chief, Simon, I just knew that this was indeed very special and explained why he was so protective of it.

One of the really exciting new concepts that the gents have brought to the restaurant is the fact that you can moor up and have your desired food delivered to the boat on the restaurant’s tender. Be it Paella for six, or lobster and champagne for that special moment, Es Raor’s menu will be at your service. Had the Mallorquin winter not been acting up, our plan had been for us to sail, which we still fully intend to do one day very soon, possibly as you are reading this. I can think of nothing better than having restaurant cooked food, hand delivered, while relaxing on a boat in the gently bobbing azure sea. It will be a truly special experience worthy of any boss, guest or date….

Another exciting development is the ability to book a water taxi that will pick you up in front of Cappuccino in Andratx and after a 20-30 minute journey through the calm sea, will drop you directly in front of the restaurant. The service costs only €10 per person each way and will mean that reservations will be absolutely essential for both the water taxi and the restaurant.

There isn’t shadow of a doubt in my mind that there is something special going on here. I use the word magic a lot. I’m a bit of an old romantic and lean towards the hyperbolic when I get excited about a place, its location and its food. But those elements alone don’t make a winning formula. It really does take that little bit extra: a pinch of fairy dust, a sprinkle of rainbow or, in this case, a small drop of Los Dos Pedros. Motor, sail, drive, hike or water-taxi up. Whatever way you get here it will be worth the journey. See you soon for that magical sunset cocktail, you will not be disappointed!


Es Raor – Rei Jaime 1, 48; Sant Elm; Mallorca; 07159 Tel – +4 680 374 163 or +34 971 896 125
Email – reservas@esraor.es
Tender service (13:00-21:00) +34 676 100 395
Water Taxi Port D’Andratx – Es Raor +34 638 779 001


By Victoria Pearce

Photos Credit: Anouska Foss