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Electric Bikes – The Time Has Come

In case you haven’t noticed, cycling is big in Mallorca.  In Spring & Autumn the numbers soar (more so in autumn)… but the rest of the time it tends to be the inhabitants that you see enjoying the luxury of living in cycling paradise.

Road Biking 

pic by instagram.com/jsaragossa

When you create that perfect dish to enjoy, both the seasoning and the raw ingredients make your food come to alive.  Mallorca is blessed with both…. in abundance.  In our home, for our raw ingredients, we seek out locally or ecologically produced raw ingredients & our seasoning is often directed by Yotam Ottolenghiof one of most inspiring chef’s that we follow.

Raw Ingredients 

When cycling, we seek smooth winding country or mountain roads, testing climbs and an accommodating climate.  Mallorca’s locally sourced, ecological ingredients come with spectacular sea views, rugged coastlines, vineyards and varied countryside.  Olive Groves, Citrus fruits and hundreds of old disused windmills litter the countryside.

As an honoured resident of the island, cycling changes with the seasons – you cycle different routes, with different people, at different times of day, for different lengths of time.  In the summer months, you head out just after sunrise and enjoy the privilege or traffic free roads, often riding on your own… exploring the likes of Port de Valldemossa & Port des Canonge.

From the end of October through to March, you tend to ride longer distances exploring the flatter countryside in the centre of the island & seeking out the one of the more exposed climbs such as San Salvador or Cap Formentor.

Once you are into April & May you tend to get stuck into the longer hillier rides typically over 100km and 2000m vertical  – the likes of Sa Calobra are back in play.

The seasoning

For a cyclist, the Seasoning is the deep routed culture of the terrain you are peddling across.  You seek terrain where the inhabitants embrace cycling, where cars and cycles to live together in close harmony… for cycling to be in the blood of those who have been brought up in the villages that you cycle through… for the Tour de France to be a realistic dream for every small child growing up…. for owners of the cafes and hotels to understand what it is like to spend a hard day on the bike…. or them to understand that look on your face that says “cortado & a full fat coke”.

Mountain Biking 


Mountain biking really comes alive in Mallorca from October through to April, with many road bikers switching types of shoes, digging out their camel back skins and heading out into the mountains.  Naturally mountain biking does, of course, continue outside of these months, but people tend to avoid the heat of the day.

Mallorca is a pretty unique place to ride off road.  It’s all about sun, dust & rocks.  It’s a rocky island, with very little soil coverage.  It can be quite tough on the body and the bikes take a bit of a battering.  But for those wishing to seek out the trails, there are the rewards of the stunning views and wildlife in their natural environment.  There are a huge variety of trails in Mallorca – with more for the experienced than the beginner – but with a bit of guiding there is something for everyone.

Electric Bikes 

This summer I have experienced something I never planned to do (or admit)…. I rode an ebike.  For a number of years, the Crew at Tramuntana Tours have been talking about their range of rental ebikes.  Historically, I have nodded in an agreeing dismissive fashion.  It’s true that the early e-bikes received far from praising reviews.  They were heavy, ponderous and, once you’d got over the novelty factor of the motor, hardly engaging to ride.  But the pace of development has been, rapid and the latest models ride and handle every bit as well as their assistance-free relatives….It is something to consider when looking for activities to enjoy this autumn.

Electric Commuter Bikes

Don’t be fooled by the name – the biking opportunities with these commuter ebikes are endless.  It is effectively a hybrid bicycle with a motor that will boost your speed to up to 15kph.  It is the ideal way to explore the picturesque scenery of Mallorca.  I have created a number of trips for families wanting to visit the flatter part of the island & cycle through the vineyards or a hillier coastal route from Soller to Valldemossa.  It is very relaxed and a lot of fun.

Electric Mountain Bikes

I now receive a growing number of requests for less experienced/fit guests to rent a mountain ebike and join the group the rest of the group.  The best electric mountain bikes give you assistance up to 25kph, so it’s possible to pack twice as much riding into the same amount of time and ride with your buddies.  Below are a list of benefits of ebikes…  I know my mate Steve has secretly already booked his for next weekend!

Your own personal uplift

Since you can ride the climbs much more quickly on a e-bike, Steve gets to do more of the fun stuff and, in our book, that’s riding downhill.  An e-bike is also a great tool for Steve to practice his lines and dialling-in technical sections, he can repeat trails much more easily, and this ultimately should eventually improve his skill level.

The great leveller

On an e-bike ride everyone rides at the same pace, so Steve doesn’t get left behind. You don’t have to wait for him.  Best of all, he can chat on the way up rather than having to gasp for breath pretending it’s not hurting.  E-bikes make group rides more sociable and more fun.

Every mountain is a molehill

Getting to the top of a big hill is often off-limits to Steve. An e-bike allows Steve to ride places he’s always wanted to go but never had the fitness.  E-bikes literally open up a whole new world where everything is suddenly within reach.

Young at heart

An e-bike allows Steve to roll back the years and keep up with riders half your age.  He can also pack twice as much riding into the same amount of time, ride more frequently because the doesn’t need so much time to recover.

Tackle technical terrain

Often Steve looks for the easier way up the hill, and more often than not that means the more boring route, but on an e-bike he can join us on the harder way.  Technical climbing requires good technique, so it’s not only challenging, but good for his skills too. By enjoying the ups as well as the downs, he’s doubled his fun and given himself a whole new playground to explore.

Just one more run

An e-bike ride is never over until the red light on the battery starts blinking at you. But with careful management of the battery and motor there’s always time for one more run, one more loop round, one more helping of power-assisted gluttony.


Tramuntana Tours are based in Port de Soller & Soller old town 

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