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Perfect for summer BBQ season!

19553896_1481013718608645_3127002232209650763_nPie in the Sky in Palma Nova (Mallorca) is now know as El Toro Foods and the company is going from strength to strength!

In addition to their delicious home made pies, biltong, dried wors & boerewors they now have introduced an exciting range of products specially for your “Braai” and BBQ just in time for the Summer!

El Toro Foods now supply Spatchcock chickens in a variety of basting sauces and melt in the mouth smoked pork ribs in sticky BBQ sauce plus their own range of basting sauces, chutneys, relishes & pickles to compliment your meal!

Their signature and traditional pies are still as delicious as ever and baked fresh every day! Specialties include the famous Pepper SteakChicken Avo and BrieLamb Shiraz as well as ever favourite Sausage Roll with Cumberland or Boerewors filling. They also offer classics such as Chicken and Mushroom, Steak and Cheddar, Creamy Chicken and Roast Vegetable Pie. Party pies also available to order! Free delivery within 20km and minimum order of €20!

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Contact: info@eltorofoods.es