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e3: The Dawn Of A New Era


This year’s Monaco Yacht Show was a big one for myself and all of us at e3. So with a team of 17 we were out in force and out to impress. With a demanding schedule of VIP tours, demonstrations and meetings – together with one or two glamorous parties – we aimed to showcase a whole range of new technology and products. Not least our new flat panel antennas launched with our partner, Kymeta. 

I’m glad to say that all the hard work paid off with this game-changing technology turned out to be one of the talking points of this year’s Show. Owners, agents, captains, shipyards, re-fitters, service providers and the media took the opportunity to join tours to see the technology in action aboard the two superyachts that had successfully trialled the panels over several months across the Caribbean, Atlantic and Mediterranean. Each tour was led by engineers and crew who had supported the installations and monitored the performance of the technology throughout the trials.

The tours took VIPs to see working Kymeta KyWay™ terminals onboard the 65-meter motor yacht White Rose of Drachs moored at Cap d’Ail and the 89-meter sailing yacht, Maltese Falcon, swinging at anchor outside Monaco harbour. Guests were invited to inspect the panels in situ on both yachts and to connect to the internet using their smart phones and tablets. e3 and Kymeta engineers together with the captain and crew of each vessel were on hand to provide their own personal account of how the trials progressed and to answer the many questions.



Reaction to the new technology has been overwhelming with a fantastic amount of interest from across the industry and the media. Agents for several well-known superyachts told me they are now actively pursuing refit options to incorporate the technology while a significant number of shipyards have also said they will now offer flat panels as a standard option on all their new builds.


Perhaps the biggest recommendation for this game-changing technology has come from Andrew Schofield, captain of the White Rose of Drachs, who was very happy to state that he plans to cut off the vessel’s domes this winter: “We look forward to progressing from the current temporary trial installation to the finalized fully-integrated solution, which will rid the yacht of the current VSAT and TVRO domes. This will remove over five tons of weight from her super structure and provide the yacht with permanent access to the internet.”



This tweet amused me during the Show. Mallorca has been leading the charge with flat panels, something that has not gone unnoticed as this tweet from Holland-based M4SAT shows.


Our social media channels have also been busy so if you want to find out all the latest news from e3 please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.





One of the lovely things about Monaco is the chance to catch up with old friends and the chance to make new ones, so we were delighted to host an exclusive party for specially invited guests on the White Rose. This very splendid motor yacht had spent the summer trialling the flat panel antennas across the Med and her elegant surroundings were a very fitting venue from which to welcome the good and great of the superyacht industry from around the world.


The Champagne flowed into the early hours as guests were entertained by one of Monaco’s favourite jazz bands and an impressive magician who wandered the decks surprising guests with tricks and sleight of hand. More than 150 guests were welcomed aboard and tucked into the excellent cuisine, expertly prepared and beautifully presented by the yacht’s exceptionally attentive crew. Naturally we had time to conduct a few informal tours of the technology and talk business but mainly the focus was on having fun and catching up on the hottest topics at Monaco.



The big question that many in the industry have been asking me is: “when will the panels be ready to fit?” And after a long time in development and trialling, I’m very happy that the answer is imminently. The panels will be available in both single and multi-panel solutions. The single-panel solution which is designed to work across the Mediterranean and from Rhode Island to Trinidad will be commercially available before the end of this year. While multi-panel commercial availability for global use will be Q2 2018, to allow time for the combiner units to move from prototype stage to full commercial production. Both solutions will initially be available with Kymeta KĀLO™ service with other service providers coming online soon.



There’s no rest for the wicked and we’re off once again to spread the word, this time at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in early November, where we hope to build on the success we had at Monaco. We will be on the Aft Deck at the USSA Pavilion in FLIBS and will be demonstrating a single panel installation from two motor yachts in the Fleet Miami fleet at Pier 66, alongside the Show – the 54′ Shredder and 154′ Usher.

Also in November, e3 and Kymeta will also be hosting a booth in the Super Yacht Pavilion at METS with a full team on-hand to answer questions. In addition, we’re sponsors of The Superyacht Forum so you’ll find us giving a presentation on main stage followed by daily workshops. Full details at http://www.superyachtnews.com/thesuperyachtforum



It’s been an incredible year for us at e3 so far and all the hard work from

everyone involved has been worth it. I am confident that it will mean a higher profile for the yacht sector in Mallorca and as well as bringing employment opportunities at e3, as we get ready to cope with expected growth in new business.




Roger Horner of e3 Systems

For further information on any of the above, please contact us.

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