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e3 at the Monaco Yacht Show

The last weeks of the summer season are now in sight and at e3 we’re adding the final touches to our plans for the Monaco Yacht Show – our 18th appearance!  We’ll be on our usual booth in the Darse Sud DS105 for the duration of the Show and will be joined by our super partners, Speedcast, Inmarsat and Cobham.

Our team will be on hand to show visitors how we keep our customers connected, whenever they want, wherever they go. This includes our HYBRID solution which offers uninterrupted connectivity by seamlessly synchronising any of our VSAT satellite services, conventional and flat, with our BIG DATA 4G SIMs – also a cost-effective way to watch IPTV.

This year, the Show opens later at 11:00am and closes at 7:30pm. A daily pass costs €280 online or €300 on the gate with a professional pass at €950 online and €1,000 on the gate.  The Show organisers say these changes are to focus on quality of visitors rather than footfall.

We’ll provide a daily pass to anyone who wants to make an appointment to discuss a project or service – so book yours today via Maribel@e3s.com.

Don’t miss the Rugby World Cup

It’s been a great summer of sport and now all eyes will turn east to the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. Running from 20 September to 2 November, it straddles the Monaco Yacht Show, Pinmar Golf and the first three days of the Fort Lauderdale Show. It promises to be a great tournament and where better to watch than from the comfort of your yacht?

Over 85 percent of tickets of the 1.8 million tickets have already been sold and Sir Bill Beaumont, World Rugby Chairman says, “we are confident and excited that Japan 2019 will be a very special success on every level – it will break records and make history on and off the field as Asia’s first Rugby World Cup.”

Games will be 7 hours ahead of Central European Time but played in the morning so locally you can catch them between 13:45 to 19:15. The tournament kicks off with Japan vs Russia, followed  by a great weekend featuring the big teams from the southern and northern hemispheres.

To watch matches from Europe or the USA, the ideal solution is to use our IPTV services which includes catch-up, so you can watch the matches live, or when it suits, anywhere in the world where you have a good data connection.

Remember, with our extremely competitive BIG DATA 4G data connectivity starting just at €0.50 per hour, streaming the rugby is a no brainer.

Keeping track of Kymeta

I’ve talked much about the potential of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites combined with Kymeta flat panels. The latest exciting news is that Kepler Communications has successfully tested a panel with two of its LEO satellites. Kepler’s Global Data Service (GDS) is a high-capacity data communication service that covers every part of the globe, from pole to pole.

Kepler was able to successfully track and exchange data with a Kymeta antenna and Kepler’s two technology demonstration satellites, achieving data transfer speeds of 15 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up, in repeated trials. This is fantastic news for the future development of the panel and its applications.

Meet Danny – engineer extraordinaire

When it comes to any of our connectivity solutions, there’s one person we can always rely on – e3’s Engineering Manager, Danny Remkes. Providing a wealth of experience, Danny is responsible for the performance of the technical team as well as the Support Operations Centre.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Danny enjoyed a successful career in Telecommunications before moving to Mallorca in 2004. He soon gained experience as a field engineer in the marine electronics industry, where he has spent the past 17 years, specialising in VSAT with e3 for the last nine of them.

About e3 he says, “we have a great team where everyone enjoys learning from each other and helping each other out. It’s because we work as a team that we can provide the best service. e3 makes a big commitment to their customers, and quite often, this can take preference over our time off.”

Danny takes pride in making sure that the engineering department takes excellent care of the technical installations and servicing on board of a vessel, as well as well as testing new equipment and products to stay up to speed with the latest technology. Increasingly he is also getting more involved in the management of the company.

He has a constant drive to change, improve and think about solutions, which is one of the reasons he loves working at e3, a company which constantly likes to innovate. “This year I am really excited that we are providing our own airtime service – eSAT – for Kymeta flat panels which are now proven to be working successfully with many installations under our belt.”

Danny is hitting the big 50 this year! He’s someone who lives life to the full and has enjoyed a lot of different experiences. He’s also very much a family man and loves to spend time with his wife and daughter on the beach and enjoying good food. He also likes to clear his head by taking his mountain bike out or spending time at the gym,.

By his own admission, he has a strong character and is never shy in giving his opinion, qualities which have always helped him make difficult decisions in challenging situations. His personality is captured perfectly in his own motto, “when other people say it’s not possible, I see it as a challenge to prove it can be done. Where other people give up is where I start J”.