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E-Marine Palma


E-marine based here in Palma is a company built to expand by merging the technology of commercial vessels and private yachts with cost effective automatisation solutions and utilizing fibre optics and laser technology. We aim for a radical reduction of traditional cables, connections and the inherited technical problems, galvanic issues, weight and maintenance costs. The target markets are dive support vessels, (DSV´s converted into private boats, expedition vessels or yachts.. Any commercial boat built as a DP2/3 vessel is far more advanced in manoeuvrability, safety and economy if fitted with diesel/electric Azimuth drives or similar systems. Abundant space is available for conversion into a luxury yacht with expedition capability.

For yachts which are planning a refit or other substantial modifications, we offer our expertise and recommendations for installation standards and hardware to class.

If in the future a DP1/DP2 later certification is desired, for a case study we have available 3 technicians, (supported by various chief engineers through online video conferencing), in the field of electrical installation.

Our staff with 20 years experience, have previously been contracted to manage the electrical setup and installation of a newbuild DSV/DP2 of 45 meters which has been completed successfully.

E-Marine Yacht Systems provides various electrical services, such as engineer’s and ETO’s, during yard periods who work exclusively for the boat as crew members and help contractors to accelerate their performance. We are hands on technicians and file new equipment details within existing documentation, establish operational manuals and provide handovers to newly employed technical staff.


We provide yachts with maintenance, service and general installations.


  • Full cable and hardware installations to Class
  • Electrolysis issues and ground faults
  • Isolation resistance tests and certification for Class Society surveyors
  • MMF fiber optic installations
  • Surveys and management


Dynamic Positioning

Station Keeping at a level of DP1 and DP2 is a feature which provides a high level of safety and in crowded anchorages and natural parks where anchoring is not permitted or visiting places where the water is too deep or the sea bed to precious to anchor. In conjunction with an anchor they can be used to keep the vessel heading into a swell or to reduce swing range,

provide easy and safe handling in confined ports and marinas, aid positioning for launch and recovery of helicopters, ROV´s, manned pleasure submarines, tenders, jet skis etc.


Safety and security

High precision Acoustic devices, which are integrated into such systems, allow shadowing and recovery of personnel submarines equipped with transponder units. As an aid to security, they also acts as underwater scanners.

Vessels docked or at anchor are at risk to under water threats, including divers and small submersibles approaching the vessel to do harm. Underwater obstacles such as ice, rocks, reefs and submerged shipping containers pose a serious hazard to any vessel while underway. Such dangers under the surface cannot be detected visually or with radar as surface threats can. Wesmar’s EV860 navigation and security sonar provides this critical underwater detection capability. The sonar uses a 110 kHz gyro stabilized sound beam to detect objects far out in front of and all around the vessel.


Fibre optics

Fibre optics will be used for general installation upgrades eliminating galvanic problems and freeing up space in cable containments and simplifying gland systems penetrating bulkheads. Built in redundancy for the ‘all in one’ data line can be archived very simply and is extremely cost effective and robust. It’s a matter of logic since a great amount of growing data exchange needs to match sustainability in relation to cost and operational readiness. Tapping into any location of the fiber optic backbone, provides you with access to all services as video streaming, engine room related info, camera systems, nav info, etc. Additional equipment needs only a connection to the nearest optical conductor. Currently the costs of using fibre optics are advantageous and will simplify future ongoing system upgrades.



We are optimising fuel consumption by implementing laser and optical sensing equipment which reads shaft property’s feedback to archive an exact torque level. The operator may adjust the throttle to the information displayed or allow full automatic control for fine tuning.

Vessels can make fuel savings, either increasing their range or freeing up tank space for other purposes e.g. ROV control rooms, or simply more choices for accommodation.

Building to the highest standard is imperative to achieve the greatest advantage.


E-Marine Yacht Systems S.L.

07014 Palma de Mallorca

C.I.F.: B-16535163


Udo Bielitz, +34 674 694 823 or 634 358 187