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Dear Islanders

Firstly, I hope all our readers, advertisers and friends are all well and have managed to avoid the clutches of the pandemic. It’s certainly been a testing time for everyone, and many businesses are suffering right now. It’s a time when we all need to come together and help each other wherever possible. Many small deeds can add up to being a big support for many small companies. We should also be mindful of those households who are struggling to feed themselves, and be aware of neighbours, friends and relatives who may be in this situation, but too proud to ask for help.

On this subject, Associacio Tardor in Palma have been running a foodbank for several months now, and have had unprecedented demand during the past 3 months. The yachting fraternity have really shown their support in style, with the Yachting Gives Back charity leading the way, but a special mention must go to Dannielle Kennedy who set out to do a collection around STP a couple of weeks ago, and has kept this effort up for several weeks, with outstanding results. Over 5000 eu collected in one week, plus hundreds of meals being cooked by yacht chefs, Johnny Maloney from C’an Eduardo Restaurant cooking 80 meals a day and countless other acts of kindness. Saloua Sfar of A Ma Maison Restaurant also started fund raising and donates 5 eu for every takeaway meal ordered. She has also raised over 1000 euros. This is all fantastic work and should put the industry in a good light with the local population.

As you read this, we should be moving into phase 2, with a little more freedom and more businesses opening up, including the restaurants with inside only space. Let’s all try and support them where possible.

As regards the yachting industry, there is no doubt that the year will be difficult for most, but we now have some light at the end of the tunnel, with the charter season kicking off, albeit on a smaller scale and a shorter season. One selling point is that you couldn’t get a safer type of holiday, being socially distanced and under your own quarantine!

Many yachts are taking the opportunity to have extra work done whilst their boats are in the yards, so our refit companies are fairing better than most.

Next month will see The Islander back in print, a big relief for us, and we thank all our advertisers who have stuck with us in this difficult time. So, look out for our July issue in all the usual places!


Fair Winds!